Carriers: Respond to a posted shipment

As a carrier who is a member of the Turvo network, you will receive exclusive access to shipment postings that logistics service providers post for cover. To view posted shipments and request to cover, follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Review shipment postings

Login and click on the Network tab from the left navigation bar. This brings you to the Network page. In the top left of the list, click Shipments on the Assets/Shipments button. Click the SEARCH button on the right to populate the list with all of this week’s postings, or enter an origin, destination, and date range to customize your results.


Note: Default sorting is based on the date in the Availability column. Under Price it shows how long ago (mins or hours) the shipment posting was requested.  

Step 2: Determine the postings that you would like to cover

You can view additional details by clicking on a shipment in the list. A slideout will appear on the right side of the screen providing stop information, distance, equipment, and any other additional details that are pertinent to that shipment.


Step 3: Respond with an offer

When you have determined the shipment(s) that you are able to cover, click the OFFER button in the bottom right corner of the screen.


Enter your quoted amount, update the expiration time, and include any additional comments for your broker. Reach out to your broker contact by using Turvo’s messenger function for any additional information. If the broker approves of the quoted amount, then they will add you as the carrier on the shipment. You will then receive the full details and be able to add a driver and specific equipment for execution.

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