Manage driver users

If you are a carrier, a portion of the users created in your tenant will be designated as driver users. These users can be added to shipments under the Driver field, and can also use the phone number on their account to login to the driver mobile app.

Driver users are a bit different than regular platform users, as they don’t technically have a username and email address is optional, while phone number is required and cannot be changed once set. There is some additional uniqueness that requires drivers to be managed somewhat differently than regular users.

Below are a few tips about driver user management in the Turvo platform.

Editing drivers

Just like any other user, drivers have a profile in the system that can be edited by accessing your user list under Admin Console > Users, and then clicking into the correct user account.

However, it's important to note a driver phone number cannot be changed in the platform. If the driver’s phone number changes, you must create a brand new account for the driver with the new number, and delete the old account. 

Note: Deleting the old driver account and creating a new one means the driver will not have access to any past shipments completed with the old phone number.

Deleting or Suspending drivers

Drivers can be deleted or suspended in Turvo by navigating to Admin Console > Users, locating the driver user, and hovering over their row. Three dots will appear on the right side, where you can click to suspend or delete the user:


Suspending a user will temporarily block them from logging in and their name will become greyed out in the user list. Their access can be restore by hovering, clicking the three dots on the right side, and selecting Restore:


Deleting a user will permanently delete their account--you will not be able to restore access. None of the shipments they were assigned to will be affected and you will still be able to see their name as the driver assigned, but will no longer be able to filter for shipments that driver completed.

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