Driver app: In-app FAQ for drivers

Within the Turvo driver mobile app, an FAQ exists under the Help menu to assist drivers with common tasks, questions, and troubleshooting issues.  

The FAQ is broken into two categories: General and Troubleshooting. Below is a list of each question and answer by category, so you have visibility into the information we provide in-app and can use it to guide drivers to use the in-app FAQ to answer commonly asked questions.

If a driver has a problem tracking a shipment on Android, reference the Troubleshooting Driver app location tracking on an Android device article.



What does the Start Shipment button do?

The Start Shipment button begins shipment tracking and updates the shipment status to Dispatched.
Turvo users with access to the shipment within your organization and with your broker/customer partners will be able to see this status update in the Turvo platform, removing the need for check calls.

What does the Check In button do?

This button indicates to your dispatcher and others with whom the shipment has been shared that you checked in at the pickup or delivery within the appointment window.

What do the Pick Up and Delivery buttons do?

These buttons indicate to your dispatcher and others with whom the shipment has been shared that the items have been picked up or delivered.

How do I upload a document?

Documents can be uploaded by tapping on the documents icon that appears at the top of any shipment.
The app will require you to select the document type, and you will need to enable your camera to take a picture of the document in order to upload.

Do I need location services turned on?

For the best Turvo Driver app experience, we recommend that drivers set their location services to Always. This allows improved tracking accuracy as you complete the shipment and keeps everyone on the same page about where the shipment is.

Is the app always tracking me?

Absolutely not. The Turvo Driver app only tracks you when you are on-duty and executing a shipment. You can set yourself to off-duty to temporarily stop tracking during a shipment. As soon as the shipment reaches Route complete status, tracking stops completely.

Should I turn notifications on?

For the best experience, we recommend allowing notifications from the Turvo Driver app. This helps to make sure important shipment updates & messages are seen and communicated promptly.
If notifications were previously turned off for the Turvo Driver app, this can be changed in the phone’s settings.


How do I report a problem?

Contact your broker or dispatcher to report any issues with the shipment or the app.

How do I remove myself from a shipment?

If you need to be removed from a shipment, contact your dispatcher or broker to initiate this change.

Why has the shipment disappeared?

First, did you previously complete the shipment?  If so, it appears in your Past shipments.  Check for it there.

Check if you have been removed from the shipment by reaching out to your dispatcher. If you’ve been removed, your access to the shipment is revoked.

How do I enable location settings?

1. Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services
2. Make sure the Location Services toggle is turned ON
3. Scroll down and select Driver
4. Select Always

1. Go to Settings > Security & Location > Location
2. Make sure the Location Services is turned ON
3. Go to Settings > Apps & Notifications > Turvo Driver App > Permissions
4. Make sure the Location toggle is turned ON

What if my phone number changes?

Notify the dispatcher of the change so they can update your Turvo account with the new number.
You will be prompted to enter your personal information again the next time you login, and previous shipments completed with the old phone number will not appear.

Why am I seeing a blue update screen?

You need to update Turvo Driver to get all the latest product improvements and bug fixes to the app.

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