Add equipment to a shipment

Adding equipment (assets) to shipments allows you to track which assets are currently in use, as well as enables telematics tracking if we have configured a telematics integration for your organization.

Note: This process only applies to shipments where the selected mode allows assets to be assigned. The Equipment used segment in the Carriers block will be locked for air, parcel, or intermodal shipments.

Step 1:

Navigate to a shipment, either by hovering over the left navigation and clicking Shipments to see all of the shipments shared with you, or by searching for the shipment in the global search bar.


Step 2:

Once in a shipment, click the Details tab and scroll down to the Carriers block. Clicking any header will expand to show more information.


Step 3:

Click Equipment used, then uncheck Same as equipment needed in order to add additional information.


Step 4:

Next, enter an existing asset to assign to the shipment. Depending on the mode selected for the shipment, the name of the field will differ: 

  • TL: Asset number, VIN, or license plate
  • Ocean: MMSI or IMO
  • Drayage or Rail: MBL or Container number

In the applicable field, begin typing a value that corresponds to an existing asset to choose that asset from the drop-down. This will populate all of the asset’s information. If you need to create a new asset, click + Create new asset.


If you need to create a new asset, fill out all relevant information about the asset in the Add asset modal and click CREATE. Any new assets you create here will appear under the Asset tab in the left navigation bar, and will be available for use on any future shipments as well.

Note: The Add asset modal fields may differ from those shown in the screenshot below depending on the Mode of the shipment.


Protip: See Step 3 of our article, How to add assets in Turvo, to learn more about the Add asset modal.

Final Step:

Whether you selected an existing asset, or created a new one, make sure to click SAVE on the bottom right of the Equipment used segment to finish adding the asset to the shipment.

Add a driver or tracking provider:

From the Carriers block, you can also use the Driver segment to assign a driver to the shipment. To learn more, see our Assign a driver to a shipment article.


For TL shipments only, a Tracking provider segment is also available. This segment is only used for attaching project44 (P44) or MacroPoint telematics provider information to a shipment. The Sensor provider drop-down will only feature Project44 and MacroPoint, if one or both of those integrations are available in your tenant. Otherwise, the drop-down’s fields will be blank.

For more information on utilizing MacroPoint or P44 for asset or shipment-specific tracking, see our articles:

Note: To avoid affecting another telematics integration used by the shipment’s assigned assets, do not update these fields.

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