Manage your assets in Turvo

Once you have added your assets to Turvo, you may need to manage availability status, edit details, or view which assets are executing which shipments to make decisions around scheduling. 

This article covers:

How to view and sort your asset list

How to edit and delete assets

How to find all shipments an asset has been assigned to

How to view and sort your asset list

In the navigation bar, hover over Assets to view a drop-down list of modes. Asset views are categorized by the mode assigned to the asset. Click TL, Drayage, Rail, or Ocean.


Once in the specific Assets tab, you'll see a list of all assets that have been added to your tenant.

The assets will display in a table, with column headers letting you know what data can be found in each column. Clicking on a column header will sort that row in alphabetical or numerical order. A small arrow next to the column header indicates whether the row is sorted in ascending or descending order.


Clicking the three dots on the right side of the screen will allow you to customize which columns you can see in your browser.

Protip: If you have customized the columns in list view while using a saved filter, your column customizations and any changes made to them will be automatically saved to the filter.


Additionally, in the Current shipment column, you'll see the shipment number and customer name if the asset is currently on an active shipment. Clicking on the shipment information will take you directly to that shipment.


Protip: Asset status is shown in the corresponding column. When an asset is assigned to an active shipment, it will show as Active.

Clicking anywhere on an asset row (not in the Current shipment column), will open a slide-out menu on the right side of the screen indicating location details and current shipment information, if the asset is assigned to a shipment.


Using the search bar to find an asset

Select Asset in the search bar options to specifically search for assets using any of the following criteria: 

  • Container number
  • VIN number
  • Asset number
  • License plate number
  • MBL
  • MMSI
  • IMO
  • Vessel Name


Alternatively, if a more general search term is put into Global Search that might match one or more of your assets, the assets will be displayed in the results.


How to edit and delete assets

If you hover over an asset row, three dots will appear in that row on the far right side. Clicking on the three dots will give you options to Edit or Delete the asset.


Editing assets

Clicking on Edit will bring up the Edit modal window, in which various details of the asset can be updated.

For instance, perhaps the asset needs work done and is out of commission temporarily. In this case, you could change the Availability status to Not Available by editing the asset. Always be sure to click SAVE whenever you make changes.


Note: The fields shown in the Edit modal may differ from the above screenshot depending on the Mode selected for the asset.

Changing an asset’s mode

While editing an asset, you can change the mode assigned to that asset. Selecting a new mode will change the Edit modal to show fields relevant to the new mode. Clicking SAVE will remove the asset from that mode-specific page and place it in the Asset page corresponding to the newly selected mode. 

Deleting assets

Selecting Delete will prompt you to confirm you'd like to delete the asset:


Select YES to continue, or NO to back out.

Note: If the asset is assigned to any current or future shipments, you will not be allowed to delete it. When you try to delete it, a black error box will pop up for a few seconds at the bottom of your screen. If you need to delete the asset anyway, you will need to remove it from any shipments before proceeding. Read the next section for how to find all shipments that an asset is assigned to.



How to find all shipments an asset has been assigned to

To locate all shipments that an asset has been assigned to, click on Shipments from the left navigation bar.


From your shipments list, click on the filter icon on the top right side of the screen. Once in the filter menu, click where it says More filters in the bottom left corner, and then select Asset number, VIN, or license plate from the drop-down menu.


Type in the asset number, VIN, or license plate number into the field, and select the correct asset from the results. Once entered, click APPLY. This will apply the filter to your list of shipments, allowing you to see shipments only where the defined asset(s) have been assigned.


Protip: You can add multiple assets into this filter by searching and clicking on each one individually.

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