Assign a driver to a shipment

Using Turvo, you can easily assign drivers to shipments and share those shipments with the driver using the Turvo driver mobile app, reducing the need for distracting check calls. Below, we explain how to assign a driver to a shipment and how to share (or not share) the shipment with them. We also have a video on this topic! Check out the Adding a driver to a shipment video.

Step 1:

Navigate to a shipment, either by hovering over the left navigation and clicking Shipments to see all of the shipments shared with you, or by searching for the shipment in the global search bar.


Step 2:

Once in a shipment, click the Details tab.


Step 3:

Scroll down to the Carriers section and click the header to expand the section to show more information.

Step 4:

Click Driver to expand the segment. 

If you have configured your tenant’s preferred maximum daily distance and average speed for ETA calculations, you will see the Driver type drop-down at the top of the segment. 

If you do not have these settings configured for your tenant, skip to Step 5.

Use the Driver type drop-down to select whether the shipment has a Single driver or a Team of drivers

Protip: See our article, Configuring max distance and speed for approximate Hours of Service in ETA calculations, to learn more about how Driver Type affects ETA calculations for long-haul shipments. If you do not have HoS configured for your tenant, this field will not appear.


Step 5:

Once a driver type is selected, or if the field did not appear, click the Driver name field. Starting typing in the driver's name. All existing drivers in Turvo that match that name will appear after a few seconds.

Note: Only one driver contact can be added to the shipment, even if you selected Team of drivers in the Driver type drop-down.

If you do not see the correct driver in the list, select + New user to add a new driver.


If you are creating a new driver, type in the driver’s name and phone number in the Create Turvo driver modal. Click the CREATE button to save the driver and add them to the shipment.


Protip: Next time, when you type this driver’s name in the Driver name field of any shipment, the profile you’ve just created will show up.

Final Step:

Once a driver is selected, choose a tracking method from the Tracking method dropdown. If the driver will be using the Turvo Driver app select Turvo Driver app, then click SAVE AND SHARE. This adds them to the shipment and sends an SMS message inviting them to access the shipment through the app.  If you do not wish to share the shipment with the driver, select None and SAVE.



  • Attempting to share a shipment with a driver whose carrier account does not include a DOT number causes the following error message to display:


In this case, you must either:

    • Add a valid DOT number to the carrier account and complete the sharing process again.
    • Share the shipment with a different carrier with a DOT number.
    • Attempting to assign a driver who is already active on another shipment causes the following error message to display:
  • Attempting to assign a driver who is already active on another shipment causes the following error message to display:


In this case, an exception is created. Select a different driver to continue.

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