View ETAs for all stops on a shipment

The Summary tab of a shipment gives estimated times of arrival for all stops on a route. ETAs take expected dwell time into consideration at each applicable stop. Expected dwell time could be determined by the start and end time of an appointment, be set to a default time based on location, or even edited on the stop level. 

Learn more about setting up expected dwell time for a location and editing expected dwell time on a stop.

Note: This feature must be enabled in your tenant. Contact your Turvo Representative for more information and to configure.

Follow the below steps to view ETAs for all stops on a shipment:

  1. Navigate to a shipment using the left navigation, or search for a shipment using global search.
  2. Select a shipment, then click the Summary tab if it is not already selected.

  3. The route card displays an ETA for each stop on the left side of the stop’s location.

By default, ETA calculations for TL (truckload) shipments are based on expected drive time to each stop, assuming each future stop is visited in order. Expected dwell time at each intermediary stop is also added to the ETA for later stops and ETAs are calculated the same way, regardless of how the expected dwell time is determined.

Note: Turvo's shipment ETAs are calculated based on the data presented in the tenant the shipment is being viewed in. ETAs calculated at one tenant are not directly shared to another tenant because the data used to calculate ETAs (such as dwell time) could vary from tenant to tenant. If you’d like to be the provider of ETAs to your connected tenants when shipments are shared, reach out to your Turvo representative.

Important Note: If your shipment’s tracking is provided by an external integration, such as P44 or OpenTrack, ETAs provided by the integration will be shared to your shipping partners’ tenants by default.

For example: A shipment has 3 stops: A, B and C

  • Drive time from A to B is 55 minutes
  • Expected dwell time at B is 30 minutes
  • Drive time from B to C is 24 minutes

If stop A is picked up at 12:15 AM, then the ETA to stop B is 6:19 PM (calculated by estimated drive time) and the ETA to stop C is 8:10 AM on Dec. 11th (2 hours expected dwell time at stop B plus estimated drive time).


Protip: The process above details the default ETA calculation for shipments. For long-haul over-the-road shipments (TL, LTL, or drayage), you may wish to incorporate the maximum miles that your drivers are allowed to drive in a 24 hour period and their average speed into your ETA calculations. See our article, Configuring max distance and speed for approximate Hours of Service in ETA calculations, to learn more about configuring these settings for your ETA calculations.

Note: Carriers performing LTL, parcel, drayage, air, rail, ocean, or intermodal shipments may not be able to provide or calculate ETAs for the stops. If an ETA is not provided by the carrier or Turvo cannot calculate an ETA for the next stop, ETA to delivery will remain blank or will be filled in with the destination location’s Delivery appointment time. Dates displayed on the route card for these modes are the appointment times entered into the Details tab of the shipment and the post update times (at pickup, picked up, delivered, etc).


Sort on ETA to Next Stop

To sort shipments by ETA to next stop, navigate to the shipment list view and click ETA to next stop. When the arrow points up, you are sorting in ascending order. When the arrow points down, you are sorting in descending order.


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