Edit expected dwell time on a stop

You can edit expected dwell time at the stop level of a shipment. Keep in mind any manual changes you make will override the settings set at the location level for the specific shipment only. Learn how to set up expected dwell time for a location. 

Note: Expected dwell time must first be enabled in your tenant. Contact your Turvo Representative for more information and to configure.

Step 1:

Navigate to a shipment using the left navigation, or search for a shipment using global search.


Step 2:

Select a shipment, then click the Details tab if it is not already selected.


Step 3:

Within the Overview section, click on Route. This reveals all of the stops on the shipment. To manually adjust the Expected dwell time, click the Expected dwell time field and type in the number that represents the expected dwell time. Select a unit of time of hours or minutes from the dropdown menu.

Protip: The available fields for the stops within the Route section will change based on the mode of the shipment. The location Expected dwell time may differ from the screenshot below.


Note: Once Expected dwell time is manually edited for a stop, any changes made to the settings for that location will not apply. The manually entered dwell time will also not affect the start and end time for the stop. For example, if the location settings are set up to calculate expected dwell time based on start and end time, but the expected dwell time is adjusted manually, this calculation will be ignored. If a stop has a start time of 12:00AM and end time of 3:00AM the Expected dwell time is calculated as 1 hour. If you then edit this Expected dwell time to 2 hours, then the start and end time is not affected by this manual entry. If the start and end time is adjusted, this will also not affect the new manually entered time.


Final Step:

Click SAVE in the bottom right corner of the Route section to apply changes.


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