Setting up expected dwell time for a location

Dwell time is an important factor for estimating arrival times. Expected dwell time in Turvo is set at a Location level. To simplify the process, you can set an expected dwell time value at a tenant level to be applied to all Locations by default. You can then change the expected dwell time for a given location to differ from your tenant default.

When a location is added to a shipment, the expected dwell time for that location will be used to calculate ETA. You can also manually change the Expected dwell time on the stop level of an individual shipment. Learn how to edit expected dwell time on a stop.

Important note: This feature must be enabled in your tenant and appointment scheduling must be enabled for the location to set up the expected dwell time. Contact your Turvo Representative for more information and to configure expected dwell time.

For more information and steps to enable appointment scheduling for a location, see How to configure appointment scheduling.

Step 1: Search for a location

Navigate to a location using the left navigation or search for a location using global search.


Step 2: Select the location and view the details

Select a location, then click the Details tab.


Step 3: Review the Expected dwell time settings

Within the Details tab, click to expand the Scheduling section, then click Hours of Operation to reveal the Expected dwell time settings.


Step 4: Enter the dwell time for the location

In the Expected dwell time field, type in the amount of dwell time you expect for this location. Type the numerical value, then select a unit of time of hours or minutes from the dropdown menu. By default the Expected dwell time is set to 30 minutes, unless this was configured differently in your tenant.

Step 5: By Appt checkbox if there is a start and end time

Underneath this option is a checkbox to enable an additional way to calculate expected dwell time. Check this box if you want dwell time to be calculated based on the start and end time of an appointment. If checked, this will only apply if the stop is “By appt” and has both a start and end time. If so, then the expected dwell time will be the difference between this start and end time.

For example, if a stop at this location has a start time of 9:00AM and an end time of 10:00AM, then the expected dwell time would be 1 hour. Otherwise, if this is checked and there is not a start and end time set for a By appt” stop at this location, or for FCFS” stops, the expected dwell time would be 2 hours.

Final Step: Click the SAVE button

After making any changes, the SAVE button will change from grey to blue. Click SAVE to apply your changes.

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