How timezones affect displayed times

Does Turvo show you the time in your timezone or the local time for the location? The answer is both.

Different areas show you the time in different timezones, depending on your Turvo timezone, computer timezone, or the local timezone of a shipment location. This article will explore how times are displayed in Turvo across timezones.

General rules of timezones

  • Timeline updates will be in the user timezone: This is the timezone that was set when your user profile was created.
    Note: If you need your timezone changed in Turvo, you will need to submit a request with our support team.
  • Appointment times and reported dates will use the location timezone: These are times set for pickup and delivery locations within a shipment route.
  • Turvo link updates use the browser timezone: When you send a Turvo shipment sharing link to an individual, they will see times shown in their browser based on the browser timezone (typically the browser time zone is the same as the timezone configured on your computer).

Breakdown of timezones in shipments

Summary card

Appointment times and ETAs are shown in the stop timezones. timezone is indicated on the card next to each pickup, delivery, or ETA.


Timeline tab

Updates on the Timeline are time-stamped with the logged in user’s timezone (circled, left side of screenshot).

Reported date (where applicable) will show in the location timezone (circled, right side of screenshot).

For example, the logged in user in this screenshot is in the Central timezone, so the timeline timestamp (on left) is one hour later than the reported time, because the update took place in the Mountain timezone.


Timeline route view

Reported times for status updates and movement are displayed in the logged in user’s timezone (circled in the screenshot, and indicated by a blue dot).

Appointment times are recorded in the location timezone, with the timezone clearly noted on the screen for each location (arrow in the screenshot).


Telematics updates

Telematics updates accessed by clicking the tracking icon on a shipment show in the logged in user’s timezone.


Turvo sharing links

When you generate a Turvo shipment link to share with a user who does not have their own Turvo tenant, displayed times will behave in the following ways:

  • Appointment times and ETAs are shown in location timezones.
  • Reported times for status updates and movement are shown in the browser timezone, which typically matches the timezone set for the person’s computer.
  • All timezones are labeled for clarity in the shipment sharing link.

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