Understanding Additional attributes

Additional attributes in Turvo allow your organization to configure your own customized data input fields that are not built into the existing information fields within shipments and orders in Turvo. More specifically, they are used when the ID types that do exist in Turvo do not capture all of the shipment or order ID types you need to include with shipments or orders.

Additional attributes help you with your custom business process. Let your Turvo representative know if there are any fields you'd like to add and can help configure them for your tenant.

The Additional attributes segment is available in multiple places throughout Turvo:

  • In a shipment:
    • In the Details Tab under the Overview section
    • In the Details Tab under the Customers section
    • In the Details Tab under the Carriers section
  • In an order:
    • In the Details Tab under the Overview section

Additional attributes are also searchable in the platform using the global search bar.

Click Additional attributes in any of these locations to see existing information or to add an additional attribute.

Note: You can only add an attribute if your tenant is configured to include additional attributes. If nothing is configured, then this section will display No attributes available.

If additional attributes are configured, then click + Add attribute to add a needed attribute.


Select an attribute from the Name dropdown menu, then type in the corresponding value in the Value field. If necessary, click + Add attribute again to add another attribute. 

Note: Your list of available attributes reflects what is configured for your company. Your list will not match the example below.


When all needed attributes are completed click SAVE.


Note: When an additional attribute type is first set up it can be configured to be shareable. If the order or shipment is shared to another tenant that does not have the same field configured, then the additional attribute is read only. 

Copying additional attributes from orders to shipments

When using additional attributes in an order, Turvo copies them to the shipment that is created from that order. To do this, the attribute must be configured in both the order’s Overview section and the appropriate section in the shipment that you want it to copy to. Additional attributes will then copy from orders to created shipments in the following ways:

  • Overview section: Additional attributes configured for both the order’s and the shipment’s Overview sections will copy to the shipment’s Overview section and be visible to all parties shared on the shipment.
  • Customer section: An attribute configured for the order’s Overview section and the shipment’s Customer section will copy to the shipment’s Customer section and be visible to you and the customer.
  • Carrier section: Attributes configured for both the order’s Overview section and the shipment’s Carrier section will copy to the shipment’s Carrier section and be visible to you and the carrier.
    • Note: During order to shipment planning, copying to the shipment’s carrier section will not occur if a carrier is not assigned yet. If the order is linked to a shipment that already has an assigned carrier, the additional attribute will be copied to the shipment.
  • If an attribute is configured for the order’s Overview section and for any combination of the shipment’s Overview, Customer, and Carrier sections, the attribute will copy to all configured sections.

Note: If an attribute does not copy, reach out to your Turvo representative to ensure your additional attributes are configured correctly.

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