Set up and use messenger translation in the Driver app

Messenger translation in the Turvo Driver app allows for effortless communication between everyone, regardless of their preferred language. Turvo uses Google translate to automatically translate incoming messages into the language of your choice. By default, messages are translated into the language your mobile device is set to.

To change language translation to a different language, navigate to your user profile in the Turvo Driver app. If your language is all set up, skip ahead to
see messenger translation in action.

Step 1:

Access your user profile by tapping on the hamburger menu in the upper left corner of the app, then tap Settings.


Step 2:

The Settings page allows you to change the settings throughout your app, including your languages. Messenger translation decides how your incoming messages are translated. By default this language is set to the same language as your device.

Tap the current language to reveal a list of options. Select a language from the list, or begin typing the name of a language to narrow down results before tapping on the language you want. Once selected, any future messages received will be translated into the chosen language. 



In-message translation

You can toggle messenger translation on or off for a specific conversation by tapping the arrow icon in the bottom left of a conversation, then tapping Settings


Once on the next screen, tap the checkbox next to Translate incoming messages to turn translations on or off for the conversation.




See messenger translation in action

All messages received in the Driver app in a language other than your chosen language are automatically translated. In the example below, John Doe sent a message to Jimmy Smith in Spanish. Jimmy Smith replied in English, but John Doe sees the message in Spanish, because his profile is set up to translate to Spanish.



You can see a message as it was originally typed by the sender by tapping See Original.


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