Setting up and using messenger translation

Turvo uses Google translate to automatically translate incoming messages into the language of your choice.

The default messenger translation language is set at the tenant level, but can be changed for each individual user. You can change the translation language in your profile settings.

Step 1:

Once logged in, access your user profile by clicking on the Profile icon in the top right corner of the screen, and then click on your name.


Step 2:

On the user profile page, click the Details tab. Within the Details tab, click the Settings section, then Messenger translation to see more options. Next to Translate incoming messages there is a toggle. If the toggle is grey, then the feature is off. Click the toggle to turn messenger translation on. You’ll know it is on when the toggle turns blue.


Step 3:

Once Translate incoming messages is enabled, choose a language. Click the Translate into field to select a language from the dropdown menu, or start typing the name of a language.

Final Step:

Once a language is selected, be sure to click the SAVE button in the bottom right corner of the Messenger translation section. Now all future messages received in a language other than the language specified will be translated into the chosen language. For example, if the language is set to Spanish, and you receive a message in English, it will be translated into Spanish. If you receive a message in Spanish, no translation will occur.

Protip: you can toggle messenger translation on or off for a specific conversation on the Messenger page, or in the Messenger tab of a shipment. Click the settings icon, then select Turn translations off. Once a conversation level setting has been changed, that conversation is no longer affected by changes at a global level in your user profile.

See messenger translation in action

When an incoming message is translated, you will see the original message as the user typed it (in the original language), with the translated version in italics below.

Here is an example of Regression Broker receiving a message in English from Regression Shipper. Since Regression Broker has their translation language set to Spanish, the Spanish translation appears in italics below the original message:

Here is Regression Shipper’s view of the same message. Their profile is set up to translate messages into English:

One conversation can have many languages in it at once. For example, if a driver sends a message in French to two contacts, and those two contacts reply in Spanish and English, the messages will be translated appropriately for everyone involved. 


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