Assign a contracted carrier rate to a shipment

After you add contracts and lane rates to Turvo, you can apply contracted carrier rates to shipments. Below are the steps to find and assign a contracted rate to an existing shipment. If you do not have any contracts yet, learn how to create a contract here.

Protip: See our article, How to rate a shipment, learn more about assigning a contracted customer rate, a global rate, or a fuel surcharge plan to a shipment, or updating contract and non-contract carrier rates after a carrier is assigned.

This article covers:

Manual application of a contracted carrier rate

Follow these steps to find and assign a contracted rate to an existing shipment. If you do not have any contracts yet, learn how to create a contract here.

  1. Navigate to a shipment that needs a carrier and select the Carriers tab. The Carriers tab will list existing contracts for the lane, if any.


  1. Select a carrier to see more information in the right pane. If this is the contract you want to use, then scroll down to ASSIGN to add the carrier and the contracted rate to the shipment.


  1. The details of the contract are listed under Costs. When you confirm this is the contracted rate you want to apply to the shipment, click ASSIGN CARRIER.


  1. The carrier’s information can now be viewed in the Details tab of the shipment. Click the Details tab and scroll down to the Carriers section. Within the Carriers section, click Costs to see more information about the assigned contracted lane rate. Note that you can change the contract or release the contract in this section.


    1. If services were added, they will be listed as Service – flat. In the future they will be listed using the proper name of the service.
  1. If needed, you can add additional items that are not in the contract by clicking + Add item. You can also add an item to offset a cost. For example, perhaps the contracted lane rate includes an accessorial cost that ends up being waived. You can add an item with a negative cost and add a note saying why the fee was waived.


    1. If you add an item, click SAVE in the bottom right corner after entering in the Quantity and Price.

Once the carrier is assigned to the shipment, a cost item is added for the appropriate customer, in the shipment’s Details tab > Customers block > Costs segment. The Description field on automatically applied payable rates will note that the rate was automatically applied from a matching contract. See the the Auto-Rate Demo for more information.

Assigning a carrier rate manually 

When manually adding a carrier to a shipment via the Details tab > Shipment block > Route segment’s Carriers field or using the Add carrier button in the Carriers block, the contracted rate is shown below the information for any carriers with an applicable contract.


Note: For shipments with multiple route segments and multiple carriers, payable rates can be calculated automatically for each carrier if there is an applicable contract.

Protip: See our Help Center article on How to manually add a specific carrier to a shipment to learn more about manual carrier assignment.

Using the FAB to update a shipment or create a posting

If you are using the Fast Action Button (FAB) to update a shipment or create a posting for a loadboard, you can use the Carriers field in the FAB menu to assign a carrier. Any available carriers with applicable contracts will have the rate displayed below the carrier information.


Protip: See our article, How to manually post a shipment update, to learn more about using the FAB to update a shipment.

Adding manual costs with Contracted Rate Automation

When executing shipments or orders that are rated using contracts, there are often situations where you need to include extra charges such as accessorials or fuel costs during the execution and billing process. The Contracted Rate Automation feature simplifies the process of adding additional costs to shipments or orders rated through contracts.

When you add a cost item to a shipment or order that has an associated contract, Turvo automatically fetches the relevant rate information. You can then input the quantity and the system will compute the ERO charge for that specific customer item, helping to ensure accuracy and efficiency in your billing processes.

The following steps detail how to manually add a cost to contracted rates:

  1. Create a contract: Begin by setting up a contract with the required rate details. You can configure these rates broadly, such as from state to state or very specifically, based on location, city, or state. Once you have a shipment or order for a specific customer, the system will automatically check for a matching contract associated with that customer and shipment.
  2. Automated Rate Retrieval: When you add a cost item to the shipment, the system automatically pulls the associated rate information from the contract. You can enter the quantity and then the system automatically totals the cost. If there are default accessorials marked in your contract, the system will add them automatically.
    manually_adding_costs.pngYou can modify the Rate or Quantity to align with your specific requirements. For example, you can manually change a rate from 12 cents to 15 cents per mile.

Creating a carrier offer

When creating a carrier offer, any available carriers with applicable contracts will have the rate displayed below the carrier information.

Protip: See How to send an offer to a carrier to learn more about creating and sending carrier offers.

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