Create a contract

You can now manage all of your contracts in Turvo. Below are basic steps to create a contract. Once a contract is made you can add lane rates, services, and fuel surcharges. We also have videos on this topic! Check out the Creating & Editing Contracts and Contracts Demo videos.

Step 1:

Login to your Turvo tenant, click on the + icon in the upper left corner and select Contract from the drop-down menu.


Step 2:

In the Create contract modal, begin adding in the appropriate information into each field.

Note that Account, Start date, and End date are required in order to create a contract. 

  • Name: Type in a title for the contract.
  • Account: (Required field) Begin typing the name of an account in the Account field, then select from the dropdown.
  • Start Date: (Required field) Click Start date, then select a date from the calendar. Click the Start date field a second time if you prefer to type in the date.

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  • End Date: (Required field) Click End date and select the contract’s end date from the calendar. Click the End date field a second time if you prefer to type in the date.
  • Status: select a Status from the Status dropdown. A contract is either Active or Inactive.

Final Step:

Once all required information is filled out, the CREATE button will change from grey to blue. Click CREATE to finish creating the contract. To see all of your contracts, click Rates > Contracts from the left navigation.


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