Create an offer contact in a carrier profile

A carrier profile can have a default email that offers are sent to. This saves time when creating offers, because the email pre-populates in the Create offer modal. This also helps differentiate between contact information, as a carrier may use different points of contact for different purposes.

Step 1:

Navigate to the Carriers page where you can see all of your existing carriers. Hover over Accounts in the left navigation, then click Carriers. If needed, create a new carrier. Learn how with our How to create a carrier article. 


Step 2:

Select a carrier to view their profile details.

Step 3:

Click the Details tab to edit information for the carrier.


Step 4:

Within the Details tab, click General, and then Offer contact.


Step 5:

Type the name of the contact you want to send offers to, and select that contact from the dropdown. Select the Primary setting if this is the main point of contact for the carrier.

You can only select one primary contact for each carrier profile. If you try to add another contact, you will see that the primary is greyed out and cannot be selected.


Note: The contact must have an email address in Turvo to be selected to receive Offers.

If you don’t have the correct contact created, click + New contact. This will open the Create contact modal. An email address will be required when creating a contact to receive offers.

Final Step:

The SAVE button in the bottom right corner will change from grey to blue once the Email and Type are added. Click SAVE. Now that an offer contact is assigned to the carrier, the contact’s email will default onto newly created offers when this carrier is selected.

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