Create and manage tasks from Workbench

Tasks are a productivity feature that gives you a running to-do list of loads that need attention. Some tasks are automatically generated by the Turvo platform, and others can be created and assigned to yourself or others. This article provides the knowledge to create and assign tasks to users in Turvo to keep your team on the same page.

Creating a new task

In addition to automatically generated tasks, tasks can be created manually. These can be created for anything you want to remind yourself to do, such as remembering to follow up on a certain shipment, or call a customer with an update on a load.

To create a new task:

  1. Sign into Turvo and select Workbench from the left navigation bar. If your Workbench is set to Exceptions, move the toggle to see the Tasks tab.


  1. Select + Add task and enter a name for your task in the New task field.
  2. Select the green check mark to apply changes.


  1. Once added, the new task will appear in the list view. The task is automatically assigned to you. You may then update the details within the task as follows:


    1. Description: Add additional notes to the task.
    2. Assignee: By default, new tasks always start assigned to the user who created them. To change the assignee, enter their name as it appears in Turvo. You can assign the task to a user or group in your tenant, or to a contact in a connected tenant.
    3. Link: Link the new task to a particular shipment, order, account, or contact within Turvo. Start typing the name of the entity and select the correct option from the drop-down field. For more information on linking entities, see the Adding task details section below.
      Note: Tasks linked to an account can be accessed and managed from within the account itself, via the Tasks tab. See our Create and manage account-related tasks article to learn more about account-related tasks.
    4. Due date/Reminder: Set the due date and reminder time frame.
  1. Changes to the task save automatically.

Managing tasks

Once the task has been created, it will show up in the central panel under the View by: Incomplete tasks section:


Filter & sort

By default, the tasks page will be filtered by My Tasks, showing tasks that are assigned to you or your group. To see all tasks that you are following, open the filter tray and move the toggle to Followed Tasks

Apply one or more of the following filters to find a specific subset of tasks:

  • Shipment ID
  • Assigned to
  • Tags

Click APPLY to show all tasks that match your filter. You can also click Save as to save your filter for quick access in the future.


To control the order tasks are displayed, apply one of the following Sort options:

  • Due date
  • Date added
  • Assignee


Completing tasks

After a task has been completed, you may use the checkbox on the left side of the task to mark it complete. The task will disappear from the list of Incomplete tasks and move into Completed tasks.

Adding task details

To enrich and provide additional context to your task, you can link to a shipment, carrier, customer, contact, or location in Turvo. To link an entity, click the Link section and enter the entity name. When linked to one of these entities within Turvo, you can take immediate action using the FAB.


  • Remember to select the green check mark to confirm association of the linked entity. If you don't, it won't save.
  • You can link more than one entity to a task, e.g., a shipment and a contact.
  • Use the assignment and follower sections to manage activity among your team members and keep up to date with the progress of the task.

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