Record payments on single or multiple shipments

Recording payments received and paid in Turvo is a great way to ensure your finances stay accurate and up to date.  You are able to record customer payments on one shipment at a time or multiple shipments at a time via the A/R report in the Reports section. You can also record carrier payments within the selected shipment.

How to record a payment in a single shipment

Navigate to a shipment to which you would like to apply a payment via searching in the search bar or clicking on the Shipments page from the left navigation menu.


Once you're in the shipment, select the Details tab. The Payments section for the Customers block and the Payments and deductions section for the Carriers block are shown below.



Customers > Payments: This is where you record a payment that was made to you by the customer. 

Carriers > Payments & deductions: This is where you record a payment that was made by you to the carrier.

Applying a customer payment

Step 1:

Create a Customer invoice. If you don't know how, see our How to create and share a customer invoice article.


Step 2:

Fill in the details for the payment you are trying to record. The default option for the total outstanding balance will appear first, but you can select Other amount and fill in the details as per the payment you are recording.


  • Payment method: The method that was used for the payment, such as Paper check, ACH, or Wire.
  • Payment date: The date that the payment was made.
  • Notes: If any notes need to be associated with the payment.

Applying a carrier payment

Step 1: 

Upload the carrier invoice. If you don't know how, see our How to add and share a carrier invoice article.


Step 2: 

Select +Add Payment or +Add Deduction. You may then record the payment details for the carrier payment:


Protip: Payment deductions will be removed from the balance, whereas balance deductions will be added as a separate line item.

How to record a payment in multiple shipments

Currently, you can only record multiple payments for customer payments. 

Step 1:

Select Reports in the left navigation bar. Once in Reports, you will see the A/R report listed under the Billing category. 


Protip: See our Turvo Reports - Billing article to learn more about the reports in the Billing card.

Step 2:


The A/R report will initially display a summary view of data found using the most recently applied filter and provide options for viewing the data in the report either within Turvo or as a .csv spreadsheet file. See our article, Turvo Reports at a glance, to learn more about these cards.

The Summary card for the A/R report displays the following information for the shipments found using the most recently applied filter. 

  • Shipment volume: The total number of shipments with outstanding customer balances.
  • Customer bill: The total billed to the customer for the shipment.
  • Invoice amount: The total amount of the customer invoice.
  • Current balance: The total outstanding balance for the shipments.
  • Payment amount: The total amount paid to date for the shipments.


If the invoices you need to apply a payment to already appear in the most recently applied filter, skip to Step 4

Protip: You can review the applied filter criteria, shown in the breadcrumbs bar, to see if the applied filter is correct.


Step 3:

If the filter does not show the invoices you need, fill in the appropriate filters to bring up the specific shipments you need. Learn more about updating filters in our article, Using filters to quickly find information


Once you have selected the appropriate criteria in the filters drop-down and have clicked APPLY to run the report, the page will refresh and the Summary card will update to show data based on the new filter.

Step 4:

Once the appropriate filter is applied, you will need to create the report to view results and select the invoices. In the Create report card, select Create full report and then click the CREATE REPORT button.


The results will appear in the list view below the cards.


Final Step:  

Once the report is created, you can select multiple shipments to the left of the customer's name by clicking on the checkbox, or you can use the Select All button above the checkbox column to select all invoices shown:


Once selected, the option will appear at the bottom of the screen to record a payment for those shipments. This can be done for the entire outstanding balance, or a custom amount. Simply select the method of payment, payment amount, and select RECORD PAYMENT.


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