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Turvo's Messenger feature is a productivity tool that enables communication with other Turvo users, even ones outside your organization, further increasing efficiency and reducing the need for calls. Conversations related to particular customers and shipments can be tracked and retained as a point of reference as well. When you add a contact from a tenant you are sharing with, you enable the ability to use Messenger with your partners. 

Adding a contact

For steps on how to add a contact (required to use Messenger with users outside your organization), see our How to create a contact article.

Sending outgoing messages to contacts

After adding a contact, you will be able to communicate with the contact person via Turvo Messenger. To send a message, complete the steps below:

Step 1:

Click the Messenger icon in the top right corner of the screen, or click the Messenger tab inside any shipment.

Top right of screen:


Messenger tab in shipment:


Step 2:

Click the Start Message icon.


Step 3:

Type the contact’s name in the To: field—Turvo will automatically search for contacts that have been added to the platform with that name. You may add multiple recipients to a message, or even message an entire Group by typing in the Group name.

Note: Group messaging only works within your tenant, you cannot message Groups in other tenants.


All messages must have a Conversation name entered. (Think of this like the subject of an email). Optional: Using the paperclip icon, you may attach files to a message as well.


Note: All attachments in the conversation will appear in the Attachments menu on the right. Attachments can be sent in messages between users on different tenants and can be viewed and downloaded directly from Messenger. This feature is not enabled on the Turvo Mobile App.


Hitting Enter or clicking the paper airplane icon will send your message to the recipient.

If you receive a reply, a blue notification icon will appear in the upper right corner screen on the message notification indicator


Note: Seeing the blue notification icon depends on if you have the correct notifications configured, see our How to manage and configure notification rules article for info on configuring notifications.

Linking messages to shipments or customers

If you started a conversation outside of a shipment using the Messenger icon at the top of the page, you can link the message back to a specific account or shipment by clicking the Link button and entering the Shipment ID or Account associated with the communication.

Once complete, click the green check mark to apply your changes.

Once the shipment has been linked, you will be able to view all associated messages under the Messenger tab.

Replying to messages and cross-tenant messaging

Once a contact is added in your organization's tenant, any users signing in from your organization will be able to communicate with that contact person. This will allow all outgoing messages to be delivered successfully to that user. However, in order to reply to an incoming message, your customer must also have the original sender from your organization added as a contact in their tenant. To reply to incoming messages, ensure your partnering organizations have the user added as a contact in their tenant--this will allow them to respond to the message rather than just view it.

Once contacts are successfully created in both tenants, cross-tenant messaging will be enabled between both parties, unlocking a greater level of visibility and collaboration between you and your partners.

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