Report and find carrier availability

Turvo's Marketplace feature allows users to report assets that they know are available in order to allow streamlined coverage when a shipment that matches the asset's availability is created. In this article, we explain the details of how to report asset availability, as well as how to find trucks once they have been reported. We will also cover how to add a preferred carrier for a specific lane.

Report asset availability

Asset availability can be reported using the Marketplace tab in the left navigation bar, as well as by using the Create carrier quote process within a specific shipment. Both methods are explained below.

Report using the Marketplace 

After logging into Turvo, click Marketplace in the left navigation bar.

Note: If your tenant is not using our self-service networking featurethis workflow can be found under the Network tab in the left navigation bar.


On the next screen, click the Fast Action Button (FAB) in the lower right corner and select Add asset availability.


Next, you will be prompted to enter the details associated with the available trucks (carrier, origin, destination, available date and time, equipment, etc.). To begin, type in the MC, DOT, or name of the carrier and all active carriers you have added to Turvo will pop up:


Protip: To make creating a Shipment faster, make sure you have your carrier created (and set to Active) before entering a truck as available for that carrier. To learn how to create a carrier, see our How to create a carrier article.

For easy upload of a larger quantity of available trucks, you may use the Import file option in the lower-left corner of the screen. This section also contains an Excel template to help you get started. Note that Turvo will, upon upload, highlight any areas that don’t match or are missing. For example, if you enter a non-standard size, you will be prompted to correct this.


Report using Create a carrier quote

Asset availability is also captured through the bid/ask process. Within a shipment, you can use the Fast Action Button > Create a carrier quote to capture multiple interactions with carriers related to your requested price (request) and their quoted price (quote). This will create a quote on the shipment.


Once a carrier’s quote is posted, it will appear on the shipment Timeline tab, and be made available to select when you are looking to cover the shipment by searching for availability in the Carriers tab.


Finding available carriers

Once you have successfully reported asset availability, you will be presented any matching trucks for a shipment by selecting the Carriers tab within a shipment, or can review all availability holistically or per origin-destination pair under the Marketplace tab.

Find a carrier within a shipment

Under the shipment Carriers tab, you can view any reported carrier availability that matches the shipment. You will be able to view the carrier name, their quoted price, the specific lane, equipment reported, and the availability date if applicable.


The Filters at the top of the tab can be used to adjust the results as you like. For example, you can adjust the radius of the origin or destination, or modify which types of equipment show in results. 

Clicking on a carrier will populate details in the right pane, where you will also be able to click ASSIGN to assign the carrier to the shipment.


The Add carrier details window will open to complete the assignment. Enter in the carrier costs as you would for a normal TL shipment. Notice that as you enter the items, the margin calculation will adjust. Additionally, select the most appropriate contact from the existing carrier contacts, or enter a new one.

Select the checkbox to Create a carrier rate confirmation if desired, and then click ASSIGN CARRIER to complete the booking.


Once assigned, the carrier will be tied to the shipment and appear under the shipment Details tab > Carriers section. To remove the carrier, you can do so either from the Carriers tab by selecting Remove Carrier, or in the shipment Details tab by selecting the X to the top right of the carrier section.

Carriers tab view:


Details tab view:


Finding availability via the Marketplace

Under the Marketplace tab in the left navigation menu, you can enter your origin and destination, date, and click SEARCH to find all relevant carrier availability. Leave the origin and destination blank to view all availability.


Carriers that have been assigned to nearby shipments will also display, with a link to view the nearby shipment. This can be used to help consolidate route and efficiently select carriers to execute needed shipments.


Additionally, filters at the top of the page can be used to narrow search results:


You may also view all availability on a map by selecting Map view in the top right corner of the browser window:


Note: In order to add carriers to a shipment, you will need to review results in the Carriers tab after the shipment has been created. You cannot add carriers to a shipment directly from the Marketplace page.


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