Edit the pages in a document

Once a document has been added to your shipment in Turvo, you can edit the pages included in your documents. 

Note: The Edit pages feature is applicable to documents added from an outside source and to documents generated from templates within Turvo. See the following article to learn more about adding and creating documents, and about configuring default and secondary document templates: 

To edit the pages of a document attached to your shipments in Turvo, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to Turvo and navigate to the shipment for which you’d like to edit the document.
  2. Next, select the Documents tab of that shipment.


  1. Select the document you’d like to edit, and then select Edit pages at the very top.


  1. A left panel will appear where you can:
    1. Reorder the pages using the checkboxes in the upper left corner of the preview page.
    2. Delete pages using the “x” in the upper right corner of the preview page.


    1. Add a new page (it must be in PDF format) using the + Add pages in the lower left corner of the preview panel.


  1. Once you have made the required edits, you can save a selection of pages as a new file: when you select one or more pages, the SAVE SELECTION option will appear in the lower left corner.


    1. This will take you to a modal that will allow you save it as a new document in the Documents tab.


  1. Once you hit UPLOAD, the new document will appear in the Documents tab.


Note: You can attach up to 20 megabytes (MB) of files to a document.

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