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Creating contacts in Turvo allows you to communicate with individuals from outside your organization as well as track important contacts within a shipment. Contacts can be added to shipments, customer and carrier accounts, and locations. A Turvo-connected contact (indicated by a blue Turvo icon on their profile picture) can be messaged within Turvo using the messenger feature, keeping communications related to a particular customer or shipment organized and accounted for.

For information on contacts (including contact sharing) and how to use messenger in Turvo, see our Understanding contacts and contact sharing and How to use messenger articles.

Step 1:

Log in and click on the + sign in the upper right corner of your screen. Then select Contact from the drop-down menu.


Step 2:

Fill in the details on the Create contact modal that pops up. 


  • Full name (required): Enter the contact's full name.
  • Title: Enter the contact's job title.
  • Phone (required): Enter the contact's phone number.
    • Notes:
      • If you would like this contact to receive SMS notifications, a mobile number must be added.
      • If you are entering a driver contact, the Turvo Driver app supports phone numbers from Canada and Mexico in addition to the U.S.
  • Phone type: Indicate whether the phone number corresponds to work, mobile, home, etc. 
  • + Add contact number: You have the option to add one additional phone number per contact and to indicate which type of phone it is.
  • Email (required): Enter the contact's email address.
  • Email type: Indicate whether the email address corresponds to work, home, or other.
  • Roles (recommended): Select the contact's role(s) in Turvo. These indicate what this person's responsibilities are and what they should be contacted for. 
    • Additionally, if you are creating a driver contact, you must select the "Driver" role in order for the contact to appear as a driver when you'd like to add them to a shipment. 
  • Account or location (recommended): Select the account or location with which you'd like to associate this contact, so it can show up as an option when that account/location is added to a shipment.
  • + Add account or location: If this contact should be associate with multiple accounts and/or locations, you can add as many as needed to the contact profile. This will allow the contact to appear as an option within shipments where those locations or accounts have been added.

Final Step: 

Once all required information is filled out, the CREATE button will change from grey to blue. Click CREATE and the contact will be created. Existing contacts will appear under Contacts in the left navigation menu. Contacts that have been added to a specific customer or location can also be viewed by navigating to the Customer or Location profile and clicking the Contacts tab in the middle right of the profile.

Note: If the contact you just created is a user with their own active Turvo tenant, and they signed up with the same email address you used when creating their contact profile, you can send and receive messages from them, even though they are not within your organization. This is what we refer to as cross-tenant messaging. If the contact is Turvo-connected, a blue Turvo icon will appear next to their picture, and you can communicate with them within the Turvo platform.



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