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Locations in Turvo can correspond to carrier, customer, or company locations that are used as pickup/delivery stops during shipments. In order to ship to a particular location, it should first be created by following the steps below. All locations are housed in a central place in Turvo and can be accessed for updates using the left navigation menu.

We also have a video on the topic: Creating a location.

  1. Log in to your Turvo tenant and click on the + sign in the upper right corner of your screen. Then, click Location.

  2. Within the Create location modal that pops up, fill in the location details. Descriptions of each field are below.

  • Name: Enter the name of the location. If there is no formal "name" for it, type in whatever your organization uses to reference this particular location. 
  • Account (optional): This field does not show until you have entered a company first. This is the field into which you type the actual customer account that the location should be assigned to.
  • Address: Enter the address that will be associated with this location for shipment pick-ups and/or deliveries. To enter a PO Box, click the three horizontal dots icon to the right of the address line to enter the address manually. 


  • Map: Click and drag the map to adjust the location of the the pin. This will automatically update the latitude and longitude coordinates display to the right.
  • Longitude and Latitude: These fields will populate based on the address entered or as the map is repositioned. Note these will change as the map is repositioned.
  • Groups: Dictates which groups can access/view the location from their Locations page. 
    • Note: This field populates with the group you're viewing while creating the location. If you create a location outside of your organization group, make sure to add your organization group to the list so it's visible across your tenant. 

3. After all required information is filled out, the CREATE button will change from grey to blue.

Click CREATE and the location will be created. Existing locations will appear under Locations in the left navigation menu. Locations that have been added to a specific customer can also be viewed by navigating to Accounts > Customer > click the Locations tab in the middle right of the customer's profile.

Location address validation

For locations that have a physical location but not an address that can be located in map providers (for example, oil fields or distribution centers), you have the option to bypass the location address validation and proceed with the location creation. 

When address validation is on, users will still have the ability to either bypass the validation and create a location regardless of whether it is valid, or not or enter a new location if it is invalid.

In the following example, we added “Building #45” to an existing location. 

When you click the CREATE button, the location address validation warning will display.


If the address that cannot be validated contains incorrect information, click Edit Address and enter the correct location address. 

However, if the address is correct and you want to bypass the warning, click Keep As Entered.


  • Toggled ON: Users can update the location with any address information in the required fields and the address validation will be bypassed. The location address information can be updated if existing required fields are filled out and latitude and longitude is still required.
    Important note: If toggled ON, address validation exceptions will not be generated for  transportation orders and shipments with invalid location addresses.
  • Toggled OFF: Address validation settings will be enforced and users cannot bypass address validation.

Location address validation toggle

After a location is created, you can toggle on or off the Bypass address validation in Location > Details > Settings.

Location duplication prevention

Important note: The following duplicate prevention feature is not enabled by default. Contact your Turvo representative to enable this feature.

When you create a new location, the Turvo platform will check various location details against existing locations in your tenant. If it detects similarities, it will display the below message before creating the new location. To continue creating the new location, click CREATE ANYWAY. To use the existing location, click USE EXISTING.


The strongest indicators of location duplication that Turvo considers when making these checks are proximity to existing location using latitude and longitude and location address. If you have multiple locations that are very close to one another, just click CREATE ANYWAY to proceed with creating those locations.

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