2024-R6 Release List

This article includes a list of the 2024-R6 Release features that are available in production starting on June 20, 2024:

  • 2024-R6 summary descriptions for the key release features.
  • Configuration guidance for features that require configuration or enablement from Turvo:
    • Features with “No” in the Requires Enablement by Turvo column will be available for all tenants on release day.
    • Features with “Yes” in the Requires Enablement by Turvo column require users to contact their Turvo representative or submit a support ticket to enable the feature for their tenant.

Turvo Releases are Now Monthly 

We have changed our release cadence to monthly from quarterly. For more information and to see the monthly release dates for 2024, see the 2024 Release Schedule.

Turvo Mobile App Release Notes

For release notes for the Turvo Mobile App, see our Turvo Mobile App Release Notes particle. 

Note: There are no notable changes to the Turvo Mobile App in 2024 R6.

2024-R6 New Features

User Experience

CR Number Feature Description Requires enablement by Turvo?

Create/Edit rule modal UI updated:
In this release, we made the user interface for creating Autopilot rules easier to use by tweaking interactions, labels, and the look and feel, while leaving the “When/If/And/Then” logic for creating rules intact.


Transportation, Execution, and Planning

CR Number Feature Description Requires enablement by Turvo?

Add Covered by on shipment list view: 

We have added a new column to the Shipment List view. This column, Covered by, includes the covered on date and time and shows who covered the shipment as column subtext. 

You can view this column by clicking the three dot menu and clicking the Covered by field.

Note: This feature is applicable to new shipments and does not apply to historical shipments. 


Rule to create shipment exception if total shipment value is updated: 

Turvo now generates an exception if shipment item details are updated after assigning a carrier to the shipment and the total shipment value exceeds the carrier cargo insurance. 

In order for the exception to generate, the When a shipment is updated autopilot rule must be enabled with the Evaluate carrier cargo insurance value toggle enabled under Actions.

For more information on cargo insurance, see our Configure business rules for carrier accounts article in the Help Center.


Public API - Add sortBy for shipment filters: 

We have added a Created sort option for shipments in the Public API; this is a timestamp/date. This new attribute sort option allows you to sort shipment records in GET calls in a descending order.


Collaboration, Visibility, & Productivity

CR Number Feature Description Requires enablement by Turvo?

Webhook now available for document sharing with shippers:

If you are a broker and your shipper customers want to receive shipment documentation right away, but don’t necessarily want to use the Turvo tenant you created for them, we have a solution! In this release, we created a webhook that allows for automatic shipment document sharing with your shippers that want to ingest shipment data and documentation for use in another workflow outside of Turvo. 

Important note: Please note that this webhook requires enablement by Turvo, and only works for shipment documents. Contact your Turvo representative to add the webhook to your tenant.

Once the webhook is enabled:

  1. You must create a connected customer tenant for the shipper on your Turvo network, if you have not done so already. The shipper does not have to actively use this tenant. This tenant acts as a shell, ensuring the shipper has access to Turvo’s APIs and webhooks with their relevant shipment information.
  2. Enable automatic documentation sharing for the customer’s account.
  3. The shipper must access and use the Turvo API and webhook documentation to direct their shipment data and documents to their desired service/location.
  4. Whenever you create or upload a document to relevant shipments, the webhook triggers and sends the document created event to their desired location/service.

For more information, see our Enable automatic document sharing in customer accounts article in the Help Center.



CR Number Feature Description Requires enablement by Turvo?

Add Chilled to Item State drop-down: 

We have added Chilled to the Other - Item state attribute list in Items > Details > Overview > Units of Measure.


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