2024-R5 Release List

This article includes a list of the 2024-R5 Release features that are available in production starting on May 22, 2024:

  • 2024-R5 summary descriptions for the key release features.
  • Configuration guidance for features that require configuration or enablement from Turvo:
    • Features with “No” in the Requires Enablement by Turvo column will be available for all tenants on release day.
    • Features with “Yes” in the Requires Enablement by Turvo column require users to contact their Turvo representative or submit a support ticket to enable the feature for their tenant.

Turvo Releases are Now Monthly 

We have changed our release cadence to monthly from quarterly. For more information and to see the monthly release dates for 2024, see the 2024 Release Schedule.

Turvo Mobile App Release Notes

For release notes for the Turvo Mobile App, see our Turvo Mobile App Release Notes article. 

Note: There are no notable changes to the Turvo Mobile App in 2024 R5.

2024-R5 New Features

User Experience

CR Number Feature Description Requires enablement by Turvo?

Updated font colors: 

We have heard your requests to make text easier to read and have updated font colors across the platform to meet accessibility standards and improve usability.


Update toggle, radio, and checkbox: 

We have updated all toggles, radio buttons, and checkboxes from blue to green when enabled. This change establishes green as the color of success in Turvo and increases accessibility and usability across Turvo. 


Transportation, Execution, and Planning

CR Number Feature Description Requires enablement by Turvo?

Cost Plus-per Carrier: We previously introduced Cost Plus functionality. With this release, we have introduced Cost Plus on individual carriers. You can now have markups on each carrier for freight, fuel, and services. 

For more information on Cost Plus, see our Cost Plus Rating article in the Help Center.

No, if you have Cost Plus enabled in your tenant

Calculate shipment and/or order mileage based on customer account-level distance provider setting: 

For shipments with only one customer order and for orders, Turvo will now calculate the shipment distance using the customer account-level distance provider configuration. 

You can find the account-level configuration under Accounts > Customers > select the customer > Details > Settings > Distance Provider. There are two options:

  • Order Distance Provider 
  • Shipment Distance Provider

Note: If no customer account-level distance provider settings are configured, Turvo uses the tenant-level settings. 

For more information, see our Configure distance providers article in the Help Center.


Zip based distance calculation on shipment/order: Previously, in PC Miler and MileMaker distance providers, the profile had two options - zip to zip and specific address for distance calculations. When a profile was used on a contract, the system considered the precision setting on the profile, however while calculating the shipment or order distance, the system defaulted to a specific address.

Now, Turvo supports zip to zip for shipment and order distance. 

Note: For MileMaker Guide 20, Turvo will continue to use specific location coordinates to calculate distance.

For more information, see our Configure distance providers article in the Help Center.


Add new equipment types: 

We have added the following equipment types to Turvo for TL, LTL, Intermodal and Drayage modes:

  • Roll tite
  • Reefer - triaxle
  • Reefer - quadaxle
  • Stepdeck Conestoga
  • Box Truck

Additionally, the Reefer - triaxle and Reefer - quadaxle apply to the business rules listed below:

  • Check for cargo refrigeration insurance
  • Refer flag check
  • Equipment temperature requirement check

Collaboration, Visibility, & Productivity

CR Number Feature Description Requires enablement by Turvo?

Changes to Select All behavior in Batch Invoicing Report:

In order to prevent potential errors in processing, we updated the Select all option in Reports > Billing > Batch Invoicing so that it is selectable only when all of the shipments shown have the same customer. Simply use the Customer filter option to filter for a specific customer in order to use the Select all checkbox.


Orders and Inventory Management

CR Number Feature Description Requires enablement by Turvo?

Warehouse Order status rationalization to provide more granular detail: 

We have made improvements to the header and detail statuses in warehouse orders. To provide more granular details about the current status of a warehouse order, both at the header level and the line item level, the following additional statuses have been added to warehouse orders:

Header Level:

  • Plan
    • In Pool
  • Processing
    • Putaway
    • Picking
    • Packing
    • Staged
    • Ship Confirm Pending

Line Item Level:

  • In Pool
  • Committed
  • Scheduled
  • Receiving
  • Putaway
  • Picking
  • Packing
  • Staged
  • Loading
  • Loaded
  • Ship Confirm Pending
  • Unloaded
  • Rejected
  • Canceled

As soon as one line item reaches the respective line item status, the header level status is updated accordingly.

CR-18009 Inventory quantities can be stored as decimals: Turvo now accepts decimals for inventory quantities. This update allows you to see exactly what quantities are on hand and accurately allocate inventory to orders.  No


CR Number Feature Description Requires enablement by Turvo?

Filtering orders for attached documents:

With this release, we added a Documents column in the Orders pages' list view that shows the number of attached documents with a subtext showing the document types added. This feature provides: 

  • The ability to filter for orders based on the document types that are attached to them and when the document was last created/updated; and
  • An icon in the Orders page card view showing that an order has attached documents.

Note: The new column and filter options are enabled by default for all tenants. Your saved filters are not affected by these additions. The Documents column is a default column for the Orders page.


Rating and re-rating customer trigger update:

 We have made some updates to our Order Autopilot rules. 

  • For Assigned customer changed, a Rate customer billable toggle with options of global rate and contract rate is now available. 
  • For When an order is updated, we added options for when to trigger rating and provided exception sharing options. 
  • For When an order status changes, we provided exception sharing options.

For more information, see our Autopilot: Automatically Rating Orders article in the Help Center.


Default routing and distance calculation now provided by Radar:

On May 28th, we will migrate our default distance calculation and routing service provider to Radar. This change gives us better flexibility and control over the data and allows us to provide a more consistent experience with calculations involving distance in Turvo.

Important note: If you use a PCMiler or MileMaker integration for distance calculations, this configuration is unaffected. Anywhere that you have Turvo listed as the distance provider now uses Radar for the calculation. No action is needed on your tenant and there should be no impact to your workflow.

Places you will see this distance provider change to Radar are:

  • Orders
    • header map
    • card view
    • Origin - destination card on orders Summary page
  • Shipments
    • card view
    • header map
    • Route card on shipment Summary page
    • Shipment Details tab > Route section
    • Timeline > Route map

Additionally, in Admin console > Settings > Shipments or Orders > Distance provider, you will still see Turvo listed as a provider option. Turvo now uses Radar for distance calculations.



CR Number Feature Description Requires enablement by Turvo?

Timeline & Activity data retention period extended to one year for all customers:

The majority of Turvo customers already have an extended data retention period for Timeline and Activity data retention period for shipments, order, inventory items, and appointments of one year. In this release, we have extended the data retention period from four months to one year for all customers. 


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