Turvo's Vooma Integration

Vooma uses Turvo’s Public API to integrate with Turvo. Vooma integrates with your email provider and leverages AI to turn emails into shipments or orders in Turvo. For questions or updates about your Vooma integration, contact support@vooma.ai. 

Vooma Prerequisites

In order to integrate with Vooma, you must:

Note: Various configurations or data mappings may be available after review with Vooma.

Using Vooma to Create Shipments and Orders in Turvo

Follow the steps below to build orders and shipments using Vooma:

  1. From within your email provider, select a Tender request from your customer. Within the email, select Build Order.

    Note: Vooma does have a configuration that will automatically process tenders and send them to Turvo.

  2. Vooma processes orders and shipments within their platform for easy review and then automatically sends them to Turvo.

  3. A shipment or order is created in Turvo. Shipments or orders are generally created in the Tendered or Open status. However, Vooma can configure creation in any Turvo status.

    Note: Vooma can process multiple shipments and orders in the same email. The shipment or order can be typed up in an email or sent in a file attachment.

Important Note: Vooma also offers a quoting tool that is integrated with email providers and supplies real time feedback to customers about how to price a shipment. This tool is directly integrated with the email provider and does not currently integrate with Turvo. 

Attached to the bottom of this article is a table containing the different data points which may be contained in emails and mapped from Vooma to Turvo.

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