2024-R3 Release List

This article includes a list of the 2024-R3 Release features that are available in production starting on March 20, 2024

This article includes:

  • 2024-R3 summary descriptions for the key release features.
  • Configuration guidance for features that require configuration or enablement from Turvo:
    • Features with “No” in the Requires Enablement by Turvo column will be available for all tenants on release day.
    • Features with “Yes” in the Requires Enablement by Turvo column require users to contact their Turvo representative or submit a support ticket to enable the feature for their tenant.

Turvo Releases are Now Monthly 

We have changed our release cadence to monthly from quarterly. For more information and to see the monthly release dates for 2024, see the 2024 Release Schedule.

2024-R3 New Features


CR Number

Feature Description

Requires enablement by Turvo?


Auto Logout of a User due to Inactivity in Non-SSO Tenant: With this release, all non-SSO users will be logged out after 30 minutes of no activity.

Note: Moving a cursor is considered activity, even if no clicks are made in Turvo.



Transportation, Execution, and Planning

CR Number

Feature Description

Requires enablement by Turvo?


Add Limit to External IDs For All Sources: 

We have limited Externals IDs to 500 per shipment for each carrier and customer. This limit improves performance across Turvo. This limit applies to the Turvo UI, Public API, TDI, Webhooks, and integrations.


Stop Level Additional Attributes: 

Important Note: This feature is not available to all customers by default. Reach out to your Turvo representative if you would like to enable this feature.

We have introduced the ability to define up to three additional attributes for each stop on a shipment. You can do this in Shipments > Details > Overview > Route > Show more details.

Additionally, you can now add up to fifteen additional attributes on the shipment listview. To turn on additional attributes, the tenant-level setting is found in Admin console > Settings > Shipments > Shipment ID > Additional attributes and toggle ON Additional attributes. Additionally, you can choose to set this at the user level by going to your user profile > Details > Settings > Shipment ID > Additional attributes.



Rating and Freight Matching

CR Number

Feature Description

Requires enablement by Turvo?


Enhancements to Get Offers and Retrieve Offers API features: 

On March 31, we will add the shipLocation and Appointment fields to the Offers API feature, providing users the ability to retrieve information on the locations and appointment times on a shipment via API.



Settlements and Financials

CR Number

Feature Description

Requires enablement by Turvo?


Additional commission users from within a shipment: 

To provide better flexibility in managing commissions when a specific shipment's commissions need to be distributed to persons besides the customer or carrier account’s default commission owner(s), we’ve added the ability to add new commission users, one-time commission recipients specific to a shipment, directly from a shipment.

Important note: You can only update commissions on a shipment before it reaches the Bill phase.

See our article on Managing commission owners and additional commission users on a shipment to learn more.



2024-R3 fixed issues

The following list identifies the issues and bugs that will be resolved by the day of the 2024-R2 release. Each issue includes the corresponding Zendesk ticket number for your reference.

Zendesk Ticket Number Issue Description
32581 Fixed an issue where you couldn’t select multiple shipments to activate the routing guide.
32655 Fixed an issue where the Greenscreens integration Network Rates and Your Rates were not displaying properly.
32559 Fixed an issue where stops were unresponsive when changing mode to Intermodal.
No ZenDesk ticket associated with this issue Fixed an issue where the routing guide would not start until the Details section was clicked.
32649 Fixed an issue where the auto transition rule for EDI created shipments was not working for Tender - Offered to Tender - Accepted.
Fixed an issue where users were unable to place carriers in DNU on the customer page.
Fixed an issue where drivers did not have the option to swipe to start tracking in the mobile app.
Fixed an issue where carriers had valid insurance but the business rule -  Carrier insurance is missing or expired - was still blocking the carrier from being added to a shipment.

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