MCP 2.0: Turvo's MyCarrier Packets Integration

Important Note: This article is for the MCP 2.0 integration, if you are using the MCP 1.0 integration, visit our MCP 1.0: Turvo's MyCarrier Packets Integration article and if you would like to migrate to MCP 2.0, contact your Turvo representative. 

MyCarrier Packets is an online carrier packet platform where you can direct your carriers to a customized online packet webpage where they enter/verify their profile information, agree to any contracts, and complete an electronic W9/W8. By integrating your Turvo tenant with MyCarrier Packets, carrier profiles are created or updated based on the information entered into the online carrier packet.

MyCarrier Packets Prerequisites

  • Prior to integrating MyCarrier Packets with your Turvo tenant, you need to have an executed contract and an account with MyCarrier Packets. Without an existing MyCarrier Packets contract and account, you will not be able to integrate with Turvo.
  • Also, obtain your username and password from MyCarrier Packets. You need them in the steps below.
  • Additionally, a prerequisite for any information to be ingested into Turvo is the MCP Carrier Agreement. If the Carrier Agreement is not present then Turvo will not update the status or other info.

Enabling MyCarrier Packets in the MCP Portal

  1. Add Turvo as an integration within your MyCarrier Packets portal. Within the MyCarrier Packets portal, select Integration Tools from the left navigation bar and click the Add integration button.
  2. Select Turvo from the drop-down list provided in the Integration Partners modal and create a unique username and password. Be sure to click SAVE to save your changes.


Enabling MyCarrier Packets in Integration Hub

  1. Log into your Turvo tenant.

  2. Navigate to the Admin console via the Profile icon at the top right corner of the screen.


  3. Click the Integration hub tile.

  4. Scroll down to the Carrier tools integrations section of the Available Integrations tab and click the My Carrier Packets tile.


  5. On the Integrate tab, enter the following credentials obtained from MyCarrier Packets as described in the prerequisites section of this article:
    • Username
    • Password

  6. After the credentials are entered, the CONNECT button at the bottom corner of the screen changes from blue to grey. Click CONNECT to establish the connection.


Select the Data that Turvo Ingests

In the steps below, for each segment, you have the option to choose how data from MCP is ingested to Turvo. 

In each segment, there are options for how Turvo handles the data from MCP. The options are as follows:

  • Create: Creates a field in Turvo from MCP once
  • Update: Updates the field continuously in Turvo from MCP syncs
  • Reset: Resets all the fields for that section before the next sync
    • Note: A warning is displayed when you select this option

Segments to configure are shown below:

  1. Pay to
    • Note: Only Create and Update fields are present for Pay To
  2. Payment and terms mapping
    • Note: No manual entry of Payment Methods and Terms is required; all data is ingested from MCP.
  3. Insurance
    • Insurance data is ingested from MCP and you have the option to select what insurance type that is required. 
  4. Carrier Profile
    • Carrier Profile data is ingested from MCP and you have the option to select what fields you need from MCP.
    • Note: Carrier Name and DOT number cannot be toggled off because they are required for a carrier definition.
  5. Mode
    • If Default for Carriers is selected for a mode, even if MCP does not send that particular mode, it will always be appended to the list of modes supported by the carrier.
    • Note: During creation of a carrier, a mode needs to be set for the instances when MCP does not send a mode.
  6. Equipment
    • All equipment related information is captured from MCP.

Once all enablement configurations are completed and saved, click COMPLETE SETUP at the bottom right of the screen to finish establishing the MCP connection.

Carrier Agreement

Note: This feature is enabled by request. Reach out to your Turvo representative to enable this feature.

This tenant-level toggle gives you the flexibility to either:

  • Require a Carrier Agreement
  • Ignore the Carrier Agreement flag and continue to ingest data from MCP when the Carrier Agreement is not available

When you require a Carrier Agreement, Turvo ignores all updates from MCP when a Carrier Agreement is not present. When you choose to ignore the carrier agreement flag, you can continue to ingest updates from MCP even when a Carrier Agreement is not present.

MyCarrier Packets Status in Turvo

To view the status of carriers that were synced from MyCarrier Packets in Turvo, navigate to the carrier Details tab and then click General > Status.image6.png

The status maps to Turvo as either Active or Inactive. This relates to the DOT Status of Active or Inactive in MCP. As long as the Carrier Agreement is available, the status will map as follows. If the Carrier Agreement is not available, the update from MCP is disregarded. The status maps as follows:

  • Active: The entity’s US DOT number is active.
  • Inactive:
    • OUT-OF-SERVICE: Carrier is under any type of out-of-service order and is not authorized to operate.
    • Inactive USDOT Number: Inactive per 49 CFR 390.19(b)(4); The biennial update of MCS-150 data has not been completed.
    • NOT AUTHORIZED: The entity’s USDOT number is active. However, the carrier does not have any operating authority and is not authorized to operate as an interstate, for-hire carrier.

How the MyCarrier Packet integration works

Once your tenant is configured with MyCarrier Packets, the workflow is as follows:

  1. In MyCarrier Packets, send the intellivite to your carrier so they can register and submit their information.

  2. After the carrier completes the packet, the information provided by the carrier will then be sent to your Turvo tenant. Information syncs from MyCarrier Packets and Turvo every 5 minutes.

    Carrier information is mapped from MyCarrier Packets to Turvo based on the DOT number. If the carrier already exists in your tenant, Turvo updates the carrier’s profile with any new information provided in the completed packet. 

Important notes:

  • Data received from MyCarrier Packets overwrites any manual changes that have been entered into Turvo.
  • For 1099 carriers, Turvo pulls Tax ID (TIN) information from MCP.

Important Considerations

  • Various carrier profiles in MyCarrier Packets may have different fields completed. If you find a field is not mapping in Turvo, it's likely it is not present or completed in MyCarrier Packets.
  • Equipment size will always map to Turvo as Other because the field is not available in MyCarrier Packets.
  • The following information is not available in MyCarrier Packets and cannot be mapped to Turvo:
    • ARB
    • Exceptions contact
    • Offers contact
    • Claims address
    • Mode service type
  • Lanes are not mapped from MyCarrier Packets into Turvo.
  • There are no documents stored in the Carrier profile such as the insurance cert pdf.
  • Dispatcher information is not pulled into Turvo from MyCarrier Packets, even if it is available.
  • If the carrier does not have an SCAC, leave the field blank. Entering filler text like "XXXX" or
    "- - - -" results in Turvo identifying the SCAC as a duplicate and the carrier is not ingested.
  • There is an available configuration to block the ingestion of payment methods and terms into Turvo from MCP. Contact your Turvo representative to enable this configuration.

MyCarrier Packets carrier fields ingested into Turvo

For your reference, we attached a PDF of the MyCarrier Packets carrier fields ingested into Turvo. You can find this download at the bottom of the article.

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