2024-R2 Release List

This article includes a list of the 2024-R2 Release features that are available in production starting on February 21, 2024

This article includes:

  • 2024-R2 summary descriptions for the key release features.
  • Configuration guidance for features that require configuration or enablement from Turvo:
    • Features with “No” in the Requires Enablement by Turvo column will be available for all tenants on release day.
    • Features with “Yes” in the Requires Enablement by Turvo column require users to contact their Turvo representative or submit a support ticket to enable the feature for their tenant.

Turvo Releases are Now Monthly 

We have changed our release cadence to monthly from quarterly. For more information and to see the monthly release dates for 2024, see 2024 Release Schedule.

2024-R2 New Features


CR Number

Feature Description

Requires enablement by Turvo?


MCP 2.0 Carrier Agreement:

We have added a tenant-level toggle to our MyCarrier Packets integration that gives you the flexibility to either:

  • Require a Carrier Agreement

  • Ignore the Carrier Agreement flag and continue to ingest data from MCP when the Carrier Agreement is not available

Important Note: This toggle is only available for customers using MCP 2.0. If you want to migrate to MCP 2.0, contact your Turvo representative.

Currently, when a Carrier Agreement is not present, Turvo ignores all updates from MCP. With the new options, you can choose to continue to ingest updates from MCP even when a Carrier Agreement is not present.

No - For customers already using MCP 2.0.

TextLocate Integration: Include Custom IDs for Shipments:

We enhanced Turvo’s TextLocate integration to now include the Shipment Custom ID and Shipment Delivery Date & Time as new fields in the payload to help you more easily identify your shipments. In TextLocate, the delivery date and time appear in the Custom field and the Shipment ID appears in the Custom2 field, shown in the image below.


To learn more about this integration, see our Turvo's TextLocate Integration article in the Help Center.

No - For customers who are already using the TextLocate Integration

Textlocate Disconnect Functionality:

We have added the ability to disconnect your TextLocate integration. To disconnect from TextLocate, navigate to Admin console > Integration hub > My integrations and select the TextLocate tile. Click the three dot menu at the top right and select Disconnect, then click Yes on the confirmation message.

To learn more about this integration, see our Turvo's TextLocate Integration article in the Help Center.

No - For customers who are already using the TextLocate Integration


Transportation, Execution, and Planning

CR Number Feature Description Requires Enablement by Turvo?

Support subtext export for shipment listview:

Previously, when you exported information from the shipment listview, the subtext was not included. We have added subtext to the shipment listview export. For example, you can now see the Order ID subtext in your export to make it easy for you to see what orders are associated with shipments without having to navigate to separate order pages.

Note: We do not currently support subtext for exceptions or order listview export.

For more information, see our How to Navigate in Turvo article. 




CR Number Feature Description Requires enablement by Turvo?

Important Note: This feature was reverted on February 22, 2024. 

Replace entity headers with static maps:

Prior to this release, Turvo would default to Dynamic Maps with zoom in/out capability and satellite imagery in the header row of all of the following entities:

  • Orders
  • Shipments
  • Offers
  • Routing Guide

These Dynamic Maps slow down loading of the page and were rarely interacted with.

In order to improve performance of these pages, we have switched the above entities to default to Static Maps, which are read-only and do not allow for zoom in/out or satellite imagery.

You can still utilize Dynamic Map functionality in these areas:

  • Shipment > Timeline > Route
  • Shipments > Timeline > Location Updates
  • Locations > Details > General
  • Assets > Overall Map view
  • Assets > Tracking Map view
  • Marketplace > Map view


Rating and Freight Matching

CR Number Feature Description Requires enablement by Turvo?

Offers: Carrier tenant offer visibility groups:

Carrier tenant offers will now have customer accounts and default visibility groups attached to them so that offers are visible to the right groups.


DAT Rates: Enable User Based Rates:

Previously, Turvo would fetch DAT rates and store them. Because of that, users were able to access DAT rates regardless of whether or not they had DAT enabled.

As per DAT guidelines, we have now enabled user based rates which requires that users have DAT enabled in order to view DAT rates.



Driver App and Turvo Mobile App

CR Number

Feature Description

Requires enablement by Turvo?


Support for uploading large files in the Driver App and Turvo Mobile app:

Important Note: This update will be available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store after the 2024-R2 release. We will keep you updated on the exact date mobile release date for the Driver app and Turvo Mobile app.

For this release, we increased the file size for uploading Documents to Turvo from 20MB to 100MB.

This support includes some updates to the way you upload files to the Mobile app and the Driver app:

  • When you initiate a file upload from the Driver app or Mobile app, the file upload progress will now happen asynchronously and will display in the Turvo user interface too.
  • You can navigate to any page after the upload is initiated and the progress of the upload will remain on the screen until the upload is complete.


Collaboration and Visibility

CR Number

Feature Description

Requires enablement by Turvo?


Download documents via API: With this release, you can now download shipment documents from your Turvo tenant via API by retrieving the document’s binary code and generating the file.

See the Documents section of our Turvo API documentation site to learn more.


Additional details on notification emails for shipment exceptions: We have updated the format of emails triggered by notification rules for A shipment exception is created/updated for the certain shipment exceptions types to now include relevant customer names and location names, providing more immediate details of the exception.

  • If the shipment exception type is A shipment is running late, then the notification email also includes the following (along with the customer location names):
    • The shipment customer’s preferred secondary ID or the tenant default secondary ID type, if available
    • A map that displays the shipment route up to the location to which the shipment is running late.
    • A list of other pickup and delivery locations on the shipment for the affected customer which may be affected by the shipment running late to the named location.

See our article on Managing and configuring notification rules for your account to learn more about sending notification emails to yourself.



Orders, Items, and Inventory

CR Number

Feature Description

Requires enablement by Turvo?


Updates to item master data in any status:

For this release, users will now be able to make updates to item master data in any status, not just Active status. Previously, you could only make make updates to items in Active status.

You can make updates to item master data via the UI, Turvo Data Importer (TDI), Turvo’s Public API, and custom integrations.



Additional UOM options to the Item Master

We added the following Units of measure (UOM) options to items:

  • Buckets
  • Combinations
  • Hundredweight on net
  • Pouches
  • Trays
  • Tubs

We also organized the unit of measure list alphabetically in item Details:




2024-R2 fixed issues

The following list identifies the issues and bugs that will be resolved by the day of the 2024-R2 release. Each issue includes the corresponding Zendesk ticket number for your reference.

Zendesk Ticket Number Issue Description
31939 Fixed an issue when archiving customer memos
31754 Fixed an issue where item length, width, and height were required while building quotes
32081 Fixed an issue where route scheduling times changed when copying a shipment
31594 Fixed an issue where total route distance was not populating
31410 Fixed an issue where special the instructions rule toggle was turned on but not working as expected
31446 Fixed an issue where offer messages did not ingest due to expired token
31536 Fixed an issue where the offer add success acknowledgement was missing
31550 Fixed an issue where full outgate date was not being populated with picked-up timestamp
No ZenDesk ticket associated with this issue Fixed a popup modal with incorrect messaging
31413 Fixed an issue where some users were seeing the error message "Update time cannot be in the future." on certain stops that were updated by the driver via the driver app.
31362 Fixed an issue where orders were removed from appointments, but did not get removed from shipments
31369 Fixed an issue where the insurance expiration rule was preventing carriers from being added to a shipment when two overlapping policies are shown on carrier profile
31056 Fixed an issue where nmfc_sub goes missing in order to shipment creation
31191 Fixed an issue with the Shipment Create Date filter where shipments created yesterday were showing up as created today

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