DAT RateView in Turvo

The DAT RateView feature is a comprehensive pricing and freight market analysis platform that includes benchmarking, contract and spot market rates, fuel charges, Market Conditions Index (MCI), Ratecast forecasting, and more. This feature covers spot and shipper-to-carrier contract rates for van, reefer, and flatbed equipment types.

DAT RateView Subscription Pricing

Turvo does not charge any additional costs to customers that use DAT's RateView feature. However, you must be subscribed to DAT's RateView service and pricing for this service can vary.

Contact your DAT sales representative, or DAT's sales team (800-551-8847) for more information about RateView pricing. 

DAT enablement prerequisites 

If you have not enabled DAT in your Turvo tenant, you must first: 

  1. Complete the steps in the Turvo's DAT integration: How to enable DAT postings first to enable the DAT integration. 
  2. Contact DAT to add the RateView service to your DAT account.
  3. Follow the steps in this article to enable DAT's RateView feature.

If you already have the DAT integration enabled for postings in your Turvo tenant, proceed with the following steps in this article to enable DAT's RateView feature.

Enable DAT's RateView feature

To enable RateView, follow these steps:

  1. Contact DAT to request that they add the RateView service to your DAT account if you do not already have the service. You will be able to use the same credentials for using DAT for Postings, booking shipments, and for accessing the RateView feature.

    Important note: You will only be able to see rates in Turvo after you subscribe to the RateView service.

  2. Log into your Turvo tenant and navigate to the Admin console via the Profile icon at the top right corner of the screen.


  3. Click Settings.


  4. Click Shipments > Market Rates > DAT rates.

  5. Toggle ON DAT rates. After toggling on DAT rates, you have the option to select (check): Spot rates, Contract rates, or both.


Using DAT RateView in Turvo

After creating a new shipment, you can click on Market Rates to see the DAT rates that you selected. 

Market Rates will be the default view in the shipment if you enabled market rates in your tenant. You can switch back to Map or Satellite view by clicking on the view option.

RateView rates are displayed in Turvo based on the data you contribute to DAT. DAT analyzes your historical data, and based on that data, they provide the rates. The rate information is then displayed in the Shipment and is based on each route segment.

In the image below, both Contract and Spot rates are shown. You need to toggle ON DAT rates (see step 5 in the previous section) and have either Contract, Spot, or both selected to access the rates you want to display.

Rate updates

The RateView data will update in Turvo twice a day based on your RateView subscription. RateView update data is sent to Turvo twice a day: 2:00 AM Pacific Time and 3:00 PM Pacific Time


Important note: If you are unable to see Network Rates and there is a No data available message displaying after following the steps in this article, contact the DAT Support team to troubleshoot your RateView service:

Fuel Included in Rates

You have the option to include fuel costs, or remove fuel costs, from your rates. Click the Fuel included checkbox to include fuel costs into your Spot or Contract rates:


Or, uncheck the Fuel included checkbox to remove fuel costs from the Spot or Contract rates: 


View Flat or Per Mile rates

You can select the arrow next to Flat or Per Mile to open the option to select and change the Rate Type to the Flat or Per Mile rate view. 


View rates for multiple route segments

If your shipment has multiple route segments, you can view the rates for each by clicking on the lane to select the specific segment:


Your Rates data is coming soon

Turvo is currently developing an enhancement to Turvo's RateView feature that will populate Your Rates with the Turvo shipment data that will be shared with DAT. Until the new enhancement is released, you will only see No data available displayed in the Your Rates field.

We will notify you when the Your Rates enhancement will be available in a future release.


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