Mapping reason codes to shipment exception types

Admin-level users and above can configure the reason codes applicable for a shipment exception, so that only reasons relevant to your organization appear when selecting a reason for that exception type using the Exception to Reason Code & EDI Codes table in Admin Console > Settings > Shipments.

Note: This feature only applies to shipment exception types. The available reason codes for order or inventory exceptions cannot be updated.

Remapping an exception type’s reason codes

To remap the available reason codes for a shipment exception type:

  1. Navigate to the Admin console by clicking on your profile icon in the top right corner of Turvo and selecting Admin console.


  1. Click the Settings card.
  2. On the Settings page, click the Shipments header in the column to the left, if not already selected.
  3. Click the Exception to Reason Code (EDI) Linkage header to expand the section.

  1. Use the pane on the left to select an exception type.
    1. Use the Search Exceptions text field to type in the name of an exception type and select from the matching results, or;
    2. Scroll through the listed exception types and click on an exception type.

  1. The table updates to display the reasons currently available for the selected exception type. Use the checkboxes to select all of the reason codes that you want to associate with the exception type or deselect reason codes that you want to remove from an exception type.
    1. Use the checkbox at the top, next to the Reasons banner to select or deselect all reasons shown below;
    2. Use Search Reasons text field to type in the name of a reason code to filter for specific reasons, or;
    3. Scroll through the listed reason codes and click the checkbox(es) for the desired reason(s).

Protip: Click the Cancel button while updating the reason codes for an exception to undo your changes.

  1. When you have selected the appropriate reason codes, click Save to save your changes.

Once applied, the selected reason codes are available when creating or updating a shipment exception with the selected exception type.

Removing and readding a reason code form an exception type

You can return and update the reason codes on an exception type using the same process outlined above. However, keep in mind that removing a reason code from an exception type might affect existing exceptions of that type with that reason code applied. See the example below:

  1. An Admin configures an exception type, which we will call E1, to have two reason codes, which we will call R1 and R2.
  2. Exceptions are created with the E1 type and with either reason code.
  3. At a later time, the admin reconfigures the E1 exception type to only have one reason code, R2.
  4. As a result of this change, the R1 reason code is removed from the Reason field in existing E1 exceptions with that reason assigned. The Reason field is left blank and it must be reassigned if a reason is required for that exception type.

In this scenario, if the R1 reason code was removed from E1 by mistake, the Admin can return to the Exception to Reason Code (EDI) Linkage table in Admin Console and add R1 back to E1’s available reasons. The affected exceptions then have the R1 code reapplied to their Reason field automatically.

Reason codes with EDI codes

Turvo’s standard reason codes are associated with standardized Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) codes.  These codes are used by some of Turvo’s third-party integrations to read exception data from Turvo and assign the appropriate exception reason to a shipment.

Reason codes that are linked to the structure for APIs feature a two-character EDI code in parenthesis at the end of the reason’s name.

Reasons that do not have a code at the end do not conform to the EDI standard.

Protip: Try entering the open parenthesis character “(“ in the search bar to see reason codes with a corresponding EDI code.

Filtering for shipments and exceptions by reason codes

While in the Shipments page or in the Workbench > Shipment exceptions page, you can filter for shipments or shipment exceptions, respectively, by the reason code associated with the selected exception type.

Filtering for shipments by their exceptions’ reason codes

While in the Shipments page, you can filter for shipments with specific exceptions and reasons by using the Exceptions and Exception reasons/EDI codes filters. These filter options can be found by using the More filters option at the bottom of the filter pane.

Protip: See our How to filter shipments article to learn more about accessing and using Turvo’s Shipments page filter options.

Filtering for shipment exceptions by reason code in Workbench

When you need to find specific exceptions based on their reason codes, use Turvo’s Workbench feature. While viewing shipment exceptions, the page’s filter includes Exception and Exception reason / EDI code as default filter options.

See our Filtering the Workbench - Shipment Exceptions article to learn more about filtering for exceptions.

Downloading the Exception-to-reason mapping table

To download a spreadsheet file containing your tenant’s current Exception to reason mapping and EDI codes, click the Download button. An .xlsx spreadsheet file is generated with the name,  “exception_reason_map_DDMMYY,” using the current date.

The spreadsheet file contains three columns, one for the exception types, one for reason codes associated with each exception type, and one for the EDI code that corresponds to each reason code (if applicable).

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