2023-R4 Patch Two Release Notes

This article summarizes the 2023-R4 Patch Two features and resolved issues released to production on January 2, 2024.

See the 2024 Release Schedule for a list of milestone dates for the current release, past releases, and links to published Release Goals and Announcements.

The Patch Two Release Notes include the following sections:

  • 2023-R4 Patch Two features and enhancements
  • 2023-R4 Patch Two fixed issues

2023-R4 Patch Two Features and Enhancements


  • CR-15867- Restrict Integration hub access to MyCarrier Packets (MCP) and (or) RMIS if the other is already configured:
    You can no longer enable both MCP and RMIS in Integration hub. When one is enabled, the other will be greyed out and requires submitting a support ticket to enable the other.

    To learn more about our MCP or RMIS integrations see, Turvo's MyCarrier Packets integration and Turvo's RMIS integration overview.

  • CR-14770 - New TextLocate integration:
    On December 13, 2023, we introduced a new integration with TextLocate that allows you to get a one-time location update via SMS for shipments that are tracked manually, where the driver is not using the Turvo Driver app and is auto-updating the status on the Turvo.

    Once the integration is enabled via the Integration hub, navigate to the shipment you want to track and click the Fast Action Button (FAB). From there you can send an individual ping or schedule a series of pings.

    To learn more, see the Turvo's TextLocate Integration article in the Help Center.

  • CR-16272 - Quickbooks Online (QBO) - Secondary ID custom fields on customer invoices:
    We updated the QBO integration to include up to three Secondary IDs on the QBO customer invoice. If you have already integrated Turvo with QBO, you can update your QBO settings to include this feature in Admin console > Integration hub > My integrations > Quickbooks > Custom fields.

    If you are new to Turvo's QBO integration, you can map this section during your initial setup process.

    QBO secondary IDs.png

    For more information, see our Turvo's QuickBooks Online (QBO) integration: Map Turvo to your QBO chart of accounts in the Help Center.

Orders and Shipments

  • CR-14874 - New warning when users attempt to add additional shipments to transportation or add additional orders to shipments:

    When attempting to add transportation orders, orders will be removed if the PLAN [number of] ORDERS button is clicked with the Remove [number of] planned orders checkbox checked. This restriction is in place for related shipments that have to account for the origin and destination of the order.

    We added warnings when users attempt to add:

    • More than one shipment using the + Add Shipment button to an order

    • More than one shipment to an order-to-shipment transportation

    • Add an additional order (or orders) in the Plan phase

    • Add an additional order-to-shipment planning order

Data, Reporting, and Turvo Analytics

  • DATA-301 - Location Setup report:
    We added a new Location Setup report to Reports > Shipments that allows you to view a list of locations and their configurations for information shown in location links and Turvo links.

    See the Turvo Reports - Shipments article in the Help Center to learn more.

  • DATA-316 - FreightWaves (FW) Integration 2.0 for the Rate Insider Card:
    Important note: You must have a contract with FreightWaves for access to FW TRAC data before Turvo can enable the integration. If you have a contract in place, contact your Turvo representative and provide your FreightWaves username and password so they can have Turvo Support enable the integration.

    Due to the deprecation of FreightWaves' SONAR platform, we also deprecated Turvo’s integration with SONAR for spot rates on the Rate Insider Card.

    Instead, customers utilizing this feature can request that their tenant be transitioned to Turvo’s integration with the FreightWaves Trusted Rate Assessment Consortium (FW TRAC) to retrieve relevant market data when rating shipments. The following updates apply to the Rate Insider Card:
    • The Rate Insider Card is now enabled by default for all tenants using Turvo Analytics and those with the FreightWaves integration.
    • If you do not utilize the FreightWaves integration, the Rate Insider Card still retrieves historical lane data from Analytics for all lanes. In this case, the FreightWaves icon in the card is disabled and does not provide real-time market spot rates and market information.
    • The Rate Insider card can no longer be viewed from the Shipments page card view.
    • Prior to this update, only the top 1500 lanes' data could be retrieved in the Rate Insider Card. This restriction has been lifted. Tenants with the FW TRAC integration now directly call the API used with your FW TRAC account for any relevant lane data.
    • The Rate Insider Card’s information is cached for a day and reloads if the shipment’s Summary tab is refreshed.

See the Turvo's Rate Insider card article to learn more about this feature.

2023-R4 Patch Two Fixed Issues

The following table lists the issues resolved in the 2023-R4 Patch Two on the day of the release. 

Zendesk ticket numbers

Issue resolution description

29523 Resolved an issue that with in-app announcement body text not scrolling to reveal all text
29641 Fixed and issue resulting in API errors
29846 Fixed an issue with customer invoices not attaching correctly
29968 Resolved an issue that resulted in duplicate in-app messages
30128 Investigated adding automatic to comments in DAT
30191 Resolved an issue that prevented the removal of order secondary IDs from Settings
30304 Fixed an issue with CPS visibility displaying deleted reservations
30470 Fixed an issue with downloading user reports
30495 Fixed an issue with a MacroPoint vehicle tracking ID not showing on shipment
30521 Resolved an issue with mileage not properly calculating when quotes are created
30544 Added additional check boxes to documentation types

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