2023-R4 Patch One Release Notes

This article summarizes the 2023-R4 Patch One features and resolved issues released to production on November 20, 2023.

See the 2024 Release Schedule for a list of milestone dates for the current release, past releases, and links to published Release Goals, Notes, and Announcements.

The Patch Two Release Notes include the following sections:

  • 2023-R4 Patch One features and enhancements
  • 2023-R4 Patch One fixed issues

2023-R4 Patch One Features and Enhancements

Driver App

Driver app enhancements are released to the App Store for iOS devices and Google Play for Android devices separately from the regular Turvo release schedule. These Driver app enhancements were released to the App Store on December 5, 2023.

CR-15805 - Driver App Introduction Improvements and Enhancements:
We made enhancements to the Driver app to improve the introduction and user experience. We added:

New messaging informing drivers that their personal information is not shared.


New messaging to inform drivers that they are not tracked continuously while using the app

A new How to use the Driver App video provides an overview of the app’s features and how to get started using the app for shipment execution.

shipment execution video_driver app.png  

CR-9136 and CR-13955 - Driver App and Turvo Messenger: Prioritized Contact Selection:
In the Driver app and Turvo Messenger, we are providing a prioritized list of contacts so that drivers can only message people associated with shipment and will not be able to add any contacts that are not associated with the shipment.

From the Driver App: 

When a driver goes to the Messenger section in a shipment, the driver will only be able to see:

  • The contact who covered the load or assigned the driver. If the user who assigned the driver to the shipment is not a carrier tenant contact, then this contact will not be displayed
  • The contact representative for the carrier (the carrier account owner)
  • Other Contact(s) from carrier management team
  • The broker account owner for the carrier

From Messenger contact list in the main navigation menu, the driver will only see the carrier tenant contacts, including:

  • The contact representative from the carrier (the carrier account owner)
  • Other Contact(s) from carrier management team and tenant

If a driver is a user on multiple carrier tenants, the driver can only add contacts from the carrier that they are active on for a specific shipment. Including:

  • The contact representative from carrier (the carrier account owner)
  • Other Contact(s) from carrier management team 


Rules - Bring auto assign groups to non admin roles in UI:
Previously you had to work with a Turvo representative to enable mandatory group assignments for non-Admin roles and users during the tenant creation process. Additionally, when a user was added to default group, that group was not visible on the user group list and there was no option for the user to select if they want to see the default group. Custom roles were not considered even when they had Admin permissions.

Now, group auto-assignment configuration is self-serve with the option to choose which roles this applies to, with the option to make the default group visible or invisible for users, and custom roles are now considered. The configuration can be found in Admin console > Rules > Groups > Configurations > Hide default visibility group. Once enabled, all data associated with the default group is hidden from selected roles.


For more information on these improvements, see our Create and manage visibility groups article in the Help Center.


Sharing Link Activity report updates:
For tenants using the location link feature, we’ve updated the Sharing Link Activity report in Reports > Shipments. Along with the information on Turvo links sent to your shipping partners, this report now contains information on the pickup and delivery links sent to your location contacts for your shipments. The report now includes a Link type column and filter, which marks the links sent as Regular (Turvo links), Pickup location, and Delivery location. Additional columns that provide information on user engagement with the Turvo links and location links sent from your tenant have also been added.

See our Turvo Reports - Shipments article to learn more about this new report and the Enabling location link and Turvo link features for your tenant article to learn more about the location link feature.

2023-R4 Patch One Fixed Issues

The following table lists the issues resolved in the 2023-R4 Patch One on the day of the release. 

Zendesk ticket numbers

Issue resolution description


Fixed an inconsistency in the Customer Contact phone numbers API. The API is now a string in the user interface and the API to prevent inconsistencies. This is also now reflected in the Public API documentation

28734 Fixed an issue with incorrect document text formatting in the "Special Instructions" section
28975 Resolved an issue with missing responses for rejected payloads that due to duplicate requests
29043 Fixed an issue with non-selectable breadcrumbs to display a complete list of items
29140 Resolved an issue with a carrier in Created status that was incorrectly assigned to a shipment
29145 Resolved an issue with a failing TDI reservation upload
29225 Fixed an issue that resulted in an error when selecting "See More" in the Favorite Orders Card
29251 Resolved an issue with a billing email and/or contact repopulating in an invoice after being removed
29542 Fixed an issue with completed shipments continuing to be tracked
29981 Investigated and resolved missing information needed to populate an "Item" value in the timeline
30321 Resolved internal server errors when sending Hold_Add messages for customer ids

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