2024-R1 Release Goals

Updated November 14, 2023

Turvo's 2024-R1 release is underway. This article outlines our planned key features for the 2024-R1 release.

Collaboration, visibility, and productivity (CVP)

  • Filtering shipments for attached documents (CR-16363):
    We are adding flags to shipments to indicate if a document has been uploaded to the shipment and the specific document types that are currently attached. This feature provides: 
    • The ability to filter for shipments based on the documents that are attached to them
    • An Attached documents column in the Shipments page list view that shows the attached documents
    • An icon in the Shipments page card view showing that a shipment has attached documents
    • The ability to provide data on documents attached to a shipment to Turvo’s 3rd party integrations.

  • New Autopilot rules for adding the #MissingDocs tag to shipments (CR-16538):
    We are adding new Autopilot rules for adding the #MissingDocs tag to a shipment automatically.

  • Removing customer email addresses in the carrier rate confirmation email "To:" field
    To prevent the possibility of accidentally sending a carrier rate confirmation to your customer, we are updating the To: field in the Create email modal to not display email addresses for accounts linked to your customers. Only email addresses associated with carrier accounts will appear in the To: field.


  • Visibility group auto-assignment controls for items (CR-16014):
    This release, we are introducing controls for auto-assigning Visibility groups to items and inventory.  

  • Location address validation bypass (CR-15259):
    We are introducing the ability for users to bypass address validation when creating or updating a location.

  • New CPS data export capability (CR-16219):
    We are adding download functionality in the authenticated CPS flow for appointment, reservation, and open slot data for shippers and carriers using CPS.

Rating and Freight Matching (RFM)

  • DAT Rate View integration (CR-16104 and CR-15086):
    We are expanding the functionality of our current DAT integration to include DAT’s Rate View feature that brings DAT rate data into Turvo. You will be able to compare rates from DAT and Greenscreens.ai directly in Turvo.

  • Routing Guide enhancements (CR-16332):
    This enhancement will enable you to assign contracted carriers for shipments directly via Routing Guide without having to send them offers. You will also have the option to reject the offers if the shipment Max Pay rule is enabled and carrier cost is greater than the shipment’s Max Pay.

    This enhancement will also enable you to use Turvo Search to find entities in Routing Guides from any screen in Turvo.

  • PC Miler and MileMaker integration rating enhancements (CR-12598, CR-16529, TEP CR-13265, and TEP CR-14819):
    For brokers and LSPs with customers that use Turvo’s Rand McNally MileMaker or PC Miler integrations for ratings and routing can now configure distance on a contract so Turvo accurately calculates the mileage for the rating.


  • November 14, 2023 Update: This feature will not be releasing in 2024-R1. We will update you when this feature is available in a future release.
    LTL SMC3 API integration for pricing, dispatch, visibility, and documents
    We are introducing an integration with SMC3’s LTL API that offers access to pricing, dispatch, visibility, and documents in Turvo.

  • New Cost Plus per carrier feature (CR-16320):
    Some brokers and 3PLs charge their customers a markup over carrier costs. There is a need to markup at an individual carrier level per customer. This release, we are creating the ability to have individual carrier markups.

  • November 14, 2023 Update: This feature will not be releasing in 2024-R1. We will update you when this feature is available in a future release.
    LTL contract rating - Payment terms, service area, transit times (CR-15206, CR-15109, CR-16375):
    To account for unique criteria for ratings that does not currently exist in the Turvo user interface for contracts or the Turvo Data Importer (TDI) Contract file, we are adding payment terms, service areas, and transit times to rating-tariff based LTL contracts.

Transportation, Excellence, and Planning (TEP)

  • ETA Enhancements (CR-16315, CR-16316, and CR-16317):
    For this release, we added the following ETA enhancements:
    • The ability to configure the appointment date ETA calculation method based on your mode preferences 
    • Consider driver layover time during their route. 
    • Incorporate external telematic updates to the ETA calculation. 
    • Trigger ETA updates based on driver types
  • PC Miler and MileMaker integration rating enhancements (CR-13265, CR-14819, and RFM CR-12598 and CR-16529):
    For brokers and LSPs with customers that use Turvo’s Rand McNally MileMaker or PC Miler integrations for in ratings and routing can now configure distance on a contract so Turvo accurately calculates the mileage for the rating.

  • Cargo Insurance Rule Validation based on Shipment Freight Value (CR-14470):
    Currently, the insurance rule to check for cargo and liability insurance amount always checks if the carrier’s insured cargo and liability amount is more than $100,000.
    We are introducing an Item Value field and enhancing the insurance business rule to assess insurance requirements based on the total shipment value when calculating the total item value. This will help determine the shipment's overall freight value.


  • Turvo all tenant announcement (ADMN-261):
    We are enhancing our in-app message feature so that you and your users can receive general, maintenance, and release related announcements from Turvo directly in your tenant.

  • TDI Template and Lookup Enhancements (ADMN-461):
    We are introducing a flexible data upload for Turvo Data Importer (TDI) that requires minimal effort to improve the accuracy and reduce errors when uploading data into TDI.

  • Admin console feature consolidation and self service (CR-16127):
    We are consolidating several tiles in the Admin Console to ensure streamlined Admin console navigation.

Turvo Network

  • New TextLocate integration (TNET-14):
    To enable fast and efficient status updates on shipments with drivers, we are introducing a new integration with TextLocate that provides location updates via SMS for any shipment regardless of the tracking method: through the Turvo Driver app, manual tracking, or third-party tracking. 

Settlements and Accounting

  • Invoice status and revision features for Invoice 2.0 (STL-1655, STL-1668, and STL-1656):
    As part of the Invoice 2.0 initiative, we are adding an Invoice status field to customer and carrier invoices that are built using the Invoices section and added to shipments. This field allows you to mark the invoices as Draft, Approved, or Void. Additionally, invoices that have already been submitted to the customer can be updated from the Invoices section without the need to void an existing invoice and resend a new one.
    Another aspect of this feature is to add the ability for users to create multiple carrier and customer invoices on a shipment.

  • Quickbooks Online (QBO) integration compatibility with Invoice 2.0 (STL-500):
    As part of the Invoice 2.0 initiative, we are updating Turvo’s QBO integration for compatibility with tenants utilizing the new feature set. This enhancement will allow QBO to receive approved customer and carrier invoice data from tenants utilizing the Invoice 2.0 workflow.

  • Sync secondary IDs to QBO customer invoices (STL-100):
    We are updating Turvo’s QBO integration so that when a customer invoice is approved in Turvo and triggers the creation of a Customer invoice in QBO, the configured Secondary IDs are automatically added to QBO Customer Invoice’s custom fields. This provides better visibility of Turvo shipment information in your QBO account.

Data Intelligence

  • Rate insider card integration with FreightWaves TRAC for spot rates (DATA-316):
    Due to the deprecation of FreightWaves' SONAR platform, we have deprecated Turvo’s integration with SONAR for spot rates on the Rate insider card. Instead, customers utilizing this feature can request for their tenant to transition to Turvo’s integration with the FreightWaves Trusted Rate Assessment Consortium (FW TRAC) to retrieve relevant market data when rating shipments.

  • New Turvo Reports for location link information and engagement (DATA-301 and DATA-302):
    In the 2023-R4 release, we expanded the location link feature to include pickup links alongside the existing delivery link. In this release, we are adding new reports to Turvo Reports for viewing location link recipient contacts by their associated locations and the customer attached to the shipment. Also, the Location link usage report allows you to view the clicks generated by your location links.

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