Sharing shipment documentation via delivery links

Turvo’s location links feature gives you the ability to manually or automatically share your shipment information with consignees at shipment locations as a public-facing link sent to the consignee via email.

When sending these links, you may wish to include extra information, such as exceptions that are on the shipment or a note for the recipient explaining the shipment’s status. One optional item that can be added to delivery links is access to relevant customer shipment documentation that the consignee may need access to.

Enabling document sharing for delivery links is a multi-part process, requiring configuration of your tenant and in customer accounts. This article breaks down the process for enabling document sharing and describes how the consignee can access the documentation sent to them.

Understanding the process of sharing documentation on delivery links

The list below provides a quick overview of the process of sharing documentation in a delivery link. These steps are described in greater detail in the sections below.

  1. Enable document sharing on delivery links at the tenant-level.
  2. Enable document sharing on delivery links in a customer account.
  3. Add a document to the shipment that is connected to the customer account and a document type configured for sharing on delivery links.
  4. Send the delivery link.
  5. The recipient of the delivery link accesses the public link and uses the Request documents modal to select which documents they need access to and input their email address to confirm their identity.
  6. Turvo sends another email to the link recipient with the document files attached.

Enabling document sharing on delivery links at the tenant-level

Once the Turvo links and location links features are enabled for your tenant, users with Admin-level permissions and above can configure whether documents can be shared in delivery links.

To access and configure these toggles:

  1. Click the Profile icon and select Admin console from the drop-down menu.


  1. Click the Settings card.


  1. Click the Shipments section header to expand the section.
  2. Click the Share links segment header to open sharing settings for location links and Turvo links.


  1. Use the toggle at the top to select which type of link to configure. The options shown in the section change to reflect the selected link type.
  2. Click Delivery links to configure delivery location links.
  3. Use the Show documents toggle to enable sharing customer shipment documents:
    1. If the Show documents toggle is ON: The Documents on public links section becomes visible in customer profile’s Details tab  > Settings section. Document types for that customer’s shipments that can be shared in delivery links are toggled from there.
    2. If the Show documents toggle is OFF: Documents cannot be shared in delivery links and the the Documents on public links section in the customer profile’s Details tab is hidden.
  4. Make any other changes needed to the tenant-level settings and click SAVE.
    1. See our article on Enabling location link & Turvo link features for your tenant to learn more about the other configurations in this section of the Admin console > Settings page.

Enabling document sharing on delivery links in a customer account

Once the Show documents toggle is enabled for delivery links at the tenant-level, users can enable the document types that can be shared in delivery links for a customer’s shipments in the customer’s profile.

  1. Navigate to the customer profile, either by finding them in the customer list under Accounts > Customers from the left navigation bar, or by searching for them in the search bar.

  1. Click into the customer Details tab and click to expand the Settings segment.
  2. Click the Documents on public links header to expand the section.

  1. To enable document sharing on delivery links for this customer, click the Show documents on share link toggle.
    1. This toggle OFF by default.
  2. Once enabled, click the Delivery link checkbox to enable document sharing on delivery links, then select the document types that should be included with delivery links for the customer’s shipments (if available).
    1. Click the field below and use the drop-down to select from Bill of lading, Other, and/or Proof of delivery.
    2. Note: The Other selection means that documents that you upload with Other selected as the Document type are included in the delivery link.

  1. Once you select the applicable document types, click SAVE to apply the settings.

Note: If you disable the setting at the customer-level or tenant-level, your previously selected settings are re-applied when you re-enable the setting at the tenant- and customer-level.

Ensuring an uploaded document is shareable

The documents uploaded to the shipment must be connected to the customer account that you configured the settings above for.

When adding the document to a shipment using the Add document modal, make sure that:

  • Document type is set to Bill of lading, Other, or Proof of delivery, and;
  • The customer account is selected in the optional Customer field in the modal.

If the document type is not one of the types selected for sharing links for the customer, and the customer account is not connected to the document, the document is not shared in the delivery link.

Sending the delivery link

See our Sending a pickup or delivery location link manually and Configuring location-specific settings and automatic triggers for location links article to learn more about how delivery links are sent manually or automatically.

If the documents are uploaded to the shipment before the delivery link is sent, they are included in the delivery link’s Documents tile.

How the delivery link recipient accesses the documents

When your consignee or customer contact opens a delivery link, the Documents tile in the page displays a list of requestable document types.

If a document of that type is uploaded to the shipment and can be requested, the text of that document type’s name is black. If no document of that type is uploaded to the shipment, the document type’s name is greyed out. Note in the screenshot below, the Bill of lading listing is not greyed out but the other two document types are.

The consignee can access the document file by following the steps below:

  1. Click the Request button. The Request documents modal appears.
  2. In the modal, use the checkboxes to select the document type(s) to request access for.
  3. Enter the email address to send the documents to.
    1. Turvo uses the email address entered here to validate that the requesting party is valid and should be able to access the document. The email address must match either:
      1. The email address configured to receive delivery links for the delivery location at Location > Details, or;
      2. The email address to which the delivery link was manually sent for the shipment.
  4. Click the REQUEST button.

  1. If the email validation is successful, the consignee will see a message confirming that validation was successful and directing them to check their inbox.
    1. If validation is unsuccessful, the consignee is directed to update the email address.
  2. An email is generated and sent to the consignee containing the document files.
    1. The latest versions of the applicable documents are provided.
    2. If the shipment has multiple customers with items for delivery at the location receiving the delivery link, then the consignee will receive documents of the requested type for each applicable customer.

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