API Release Notes for 2023-R4


This article provides details about updates to Turvo's Public API for the 2023-R4 release. It also summarizes the 2023-R4 API features and fixed issues released to production on October 19, 2023

Customer Action Required: New Public API Enhancement

On November 30, 2023, a new enhancement to our Public API designed to provide enhanced security and improve API call management will be a requirement to use our Public API. This is a mandatory update for all customers using our Public API. All Turvo integrations using the Public API will be impacted by this enhancement.

To learn how to generate your API key in Turvo to use this API enhancement, see the API Key Management article in the Help Center. 

For any questions or concerns, contact your Turvo representative or post in the Turvo Community.

Controlling Routing Guide Access

You can control the visibility of your Routing guide to a specific set of users and groups in your organization. The create (POST) and update (PUT) methods of the Routing Guide endpoint have a new field called visibility_groups that you can use to control access of your Routing Guide to a set of audience.  

Blacklisted Carriers: API Impact

Turvo enables you to blacklist certain carriers based on your preferences. If you are creating or updating a shipment or an offer that contains blacklisted carriers, note that your shipments and offers will not be created and a validation error is thrown with an error message. This is applicable to your Shipment and Offer endpoints - create (POST) and update (PUT). 

New markLockoutException field in the Exception API

The markLockoutException is a new query parameter addition to the Exception API (Filter Exceptions API endpoint). It is designed to handle and communicate shipment lockout situations when you use the API endpoint.

It enables you to mark and distinguish shipment lockout-related exceptions. You can use markLockoutException to identify and address issues related to shipment lockouts, thus ensuring a more responsive error handling process. 

Shipment Lookup ID Updates

The LookUp IDs for PickUp and Delivery services have been updated. You now have a complete set of IDs to help you with record-keeping. This feature will help you with better identification and tracking. 

Lookup IDs for Equipment Services

We introduced new LookUp IDs to facilitate the categorization of Equipment services. This ensures a more comprehensive and organized system for managing these services.

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