2023-R3 Patch Two Release Notes

This article summarizes the 2023-R3 Patch Two features and fixed issues released to production on September 21, 2023.

See the 2023 Turvo Release Schedule article for a list of milestone dates and links to published release Notes, Lists, and Announcements for the current release and past releases.

The Patch Two Release Notes include the following sections:

  • 2023-R3 Patch Two features and enhancements
  • 2023-R3 Patch Two fixed issues

2023-R3 Patch Two Features and Enhancements

Orders and Shipments

Updated order filters:
To improve the consistency and effectiveness of filters, we updated the following order filters:

  • We added an Is or Contains option to the Item reference value filter under More filters.


  • We also added an Is or Contains option to the Customer Name filter under More filters.

    customer name filter_orders.png


Inventory 2.0 times and dates in List view are now static:
Dates in the Inventory 2.0 List view now reflect what is sent in the payload and not converted to a user's browser time zone. The following columns now reflect these times in List view:

  • Best by date
  • Code date
  • Depleted date
  • Expiration date
  • Production date
  • Slaughter date


Trucker Tools - Updates to the Tracking Method:

When the tracking method is updated or removed, or the driver is removed, tracking updates are canceled in Trucker Tools.

Tracking updates are canceled based on the following updates or changes:

  • The tracking method is set to None.

  • The tracking method is set to anything other than Trucker Tools.

    For example, the tracking method is set to the Turvo Driver App.
  • The driver is removed.

For more information about the integration, see the Turvo's Trucker Tools telematics integration article in the Help Center.

2023-R3 Patch Two Fixed Issues

The following table lists the issues resolved in the 2023-R3 Patch Two release. 

Zendesk ticket numbers

Issue resolution description

26973 Fixed an issue where scrolling would change an amount in the carrier card payment section
27615 Fixed a visibility issue with offers
27687 Resolved an login error in the driver app
27791 and 28023 Resolved an issue with the Total Shipments block not working as expected
27807 Resolved a search limitation for attributes
27839 Fixed permission issues with a custom user role
27916 Resolved an issue with not being able to search for and find FTL exceptions 
27950 Fixed an issue with pickup numbers not showing up in search.
28215 Resolved an issue of a missing serial number in the user interface
28232 Fixed an issue with order details not available in CPS or links 

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