Turvo's Trucker Tools telematics integration

Turvo’s Trucker Tools telematics integration allows you to increase your load visibility, reduce the number of check-in calls, and increase operational efficiency.

If you are looking for information on Trucker Tools carrier capacity, Book It Now, and fright matching integration, see Turvo’s Trucker Tools integration: Carrier Capacity and Digital Freight Matching.

Important note: Turvo only ingests location pings from Trucker Tools. Turvo's shipment status updates originate from Turvo, NOT from Trucker Tools. The Turvo status updates represent how the location pings interact with geofence data. The quality and frequency of this data depends on the telematics service provider. 

Integration prerequisites

  • Before you enable the Trucker Tools integration in Turvo, you must have a Trucker Tools subscription account. Contact Trucker Tools if you have not created your account.
  • You will need to have your Account ID (API key) to connect the integration in Turvo.
  •  Work with your Turvo representative to obtain load tracking webhooks details.

Enable the Trucker Tools integration

  1. Log into your Turvo tenant and navigate to the Admin console via the Profile icon at the top right corner of the screen.

  2. Click Integration hub.

  3. Scroll to the Telematics integrations section and click the Trucker Tools tile.

  4. Type your Account ID and click SAVE.

    Note: You obtain the Account ID (API key) directly from Trucker Tools.

  5. You know the integration has connected to Trucker Tools when you see the green check under the My integrations tab.

Add the driver and tracking method

Once the integration is enabled and you see the green check mark on the My integrations tab in Integration hub, you can begin tracking your shipments.

To track shipments, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the shipment you want to track and click the Details tab.

  2. Expand the Driver section of the Carriers block and click + Add driver.

  3. Add the driver and then click the Tracking method drop-down and select TruckerTool app.

    Protip: See our Adding a driver to a shipment video in the Help Center if you need help.
  4. Click SAVE AND SHARE to send an SMS invite to the driver.
    Note: The driver must have the TruckerTools driver app installed on their phone.

Receive tracking updates from Trucker Tools driver app

To view location updates, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the shipment you want to track and click the blue tracking icon.

  2. Now, you can see the list of pings and that TruckerTools is the source.

    Note: The shipment status updates based on the location. 

Updates to the Tracking Method

When the tracking method is removed or the driver is removed, tracking updates are canceled in TruckerTools.

Tracking updates are canceled based on the following updates or changes:

  • the tracking method is set to None.
  • the tracking method is set to anything other than TruckerTools.
    • For example, the tracking method is set to the Turvo Driver App
  • the driver is removed.

When route details are updated or when stops are added or deleted, Turvo sends TruckerTools the updated route details. 

Sending Multiple Stops to TruckerTools

Important Note: Multiple routes are not supported at this time. 

When tracking is enabled via TruckerTools, and there are multiple stops in a shipment under one route, all stop information is sent to TruckerTools. 

Note: Turvo generates an exception if another route segment is configured and a separate carrier or driver is added to the same shipment.

Additionally, pickup and delivery numbers are sent to the TruckerTools Mobile Driver App.  

Ingesting Status Event Updates from TruckerTools

Turvo receives status updates from TruckerTools. To enable status ingestion from TruckerTools, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to Admin console > Integration hub > My integrations and click the TruckerTools tile

  2. Expand the Configurations section.

  3. Toggle ON Consider status from TruckerTools for calculating shipment status in Turvo.

Note: Turvo cannot receive information from TruckerTools about previous stops. If stop information is not received in sequence from TruckerTools, Turvo does not update the status. 

Turvo will not update to a previous status. For example, if a stop is marked as Delivered, and another status is received as En route for that stop, it will not update in Turvo.

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