2023-R3 Patch One Release Notes

This article summarizes the 2023-R3 Patch One features and fixed issues released to production on August 17, 2023.

See the 2023 Turvo Release Schedule article for a list of milestone dates and links to published release Notes, Lists, and Announcements for the current release and past releases.

The Patch Two Release Notes include the following sections:

  • 2023-R3 Patch One features and enhancements
  • 2023-R3 Patch One fixed issues

2023-R3 Patch One features and enhancements

Shipments: Transportation, excellence, and planning (TEP)

  • CR-14405 - Order-to-Shipment association for multi-route segments and non-matching dates:
    In the R2 release, we improved the Order-to-Shipment planning process to add a new order’s information and route details to consolidated orders and/or any associated shipments. With this update, we have added the ability to re-plan when stops on a new order that is being associated to a shipment, has different locations and/or schedules.

    If the schedules are different, the system merges the stops into one with an option to either select a date or to unmerge the stops and select dates. If the stops are different, the system finds and suggests the optimal route and gives you the option to update the suggest route.

    For more information on the Order-to-Shipment planning process, see our Order-to-shipment planning Help Center article.


  • CR-15015 - Visibility Groups:
    With this release, we have renamed user Groups to Visibility Groups. Visibility Groups in Turvo allow you to streamline the visibility of a particular user or group of users. This does not change the functionality of groups, only the name of Groups in the Turvo user interface.

Turvo's Public API 

  • Turvo's Public API updated to the OpenAPI 3.0.1 specification
    On August 16, we updated our Public API to the OpenAPI 3.0.1 specification. This update enables us to continue to improve and enhance our API functionality, capabilities, and documentation.

Turvo Data Importer (TDI)

  • Contract entity updates:
    To reduce issues when uploading the contract.csv TDI upload file, we are limiting the number of rows with the item_type field set to contract to 20 rows per upload sheet. Also, the bill_to_account and the pay_to_account fields should be left empty for rows configuring billable lane rates.

    See the entries on these fields in our TDI field mapping tables - Contract to learn more about these conditions.


  • Update August 18, 2023: This feature is no longer available in production and will be available in a future release.
    CR-15661 - Unacceptable carriers in MyCarrier (MCP) Packets set to "Inactive" Turvo

2023-R3 Patch One fixed issues

The following table lists the issues resolved in the 2023-R3 Patch One release. 

Zendesk ticket numbers

Issue resolution description

26764 Resolved an issue with not being able to save a filter
26781 Researched and fixed an issue with driver tracking 
26819 Resolved an issue with creating customers via API
26850  Resolved an issue resulting in the inability to edit carrier groups
26973 Fixed an issue with rates changing when scrolling
27066 Updated a carrier rate con to display specific information when an offer is accepted
27176 Fixed an issue with Lane History report not opening
27183 Resolved an issue with Parade lanes not matching with Turvo
27317 Fixed an issue with changing pickup and delivery appointment dates
27323 Resolved an issue with filter criteria details not displaying as expected
27375 and 27334 Resolved an issue with shipment filter data not populating correctly
27417 Fixed issues with users getting errors when logging in via SSO 
27591 Resolved an issue with items not being removed from a copied order
27689 Fixed a Project44 integration issue with carriers removed from shipments


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