Using Turvo APIs: Initial setup steps and best practices


This article outlines the first steps to leverage Turvo APIs and lists some best practices you must follow to start using Turvo APIs. As a starting step, review Turvo’s Public API documentation to get an understanding of all the endpoints and the functionality surrounding the APIs.

Follow secure authentication and optimized request handling for efficient integration of Turvo APIs into your applications.

Authentication Credentials

First, you must obtain your authentication credentials from Turvo. Contact your Turvo representative and complete this first. Once you obtain your credentials, you will need to access Postman collections from our Turvo API Quick Start Guide and API Getting Started Guide.

Setting up Postman Environment

You’ll need to import the following environment file in Postman. To import the environment, select Environments in the Postman UI, and then click Import to import the following environment file:

  • Public API Environment.postman_environment.json

After you complete this, your environment is set to use Turvo APIs. Refer to the Turvo API Quick Start Guide to access the environment file. 

Best Practices: Setting up the API

You can now start using the Turvo APIs. But, before you get started with your API endpoints, be sure to verify the following in your Postman environment:

  1. Identify which API method you will need to test: POST, PUT, GET, etc.
  2. Make sure you provided the API token in the Authorization section
  3. Verify the URL of your API method is correct
  4. Check to see if you will need to set the PATH or QUERY parameters
  5. Verify if any headers are required


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