Syncing the status of Orders and Shipments

Turvo can sync the status of orders and shipments until delivery is complete, even if you make manual updates to the status. This sync applies to standard shipments and multi-leg shipments.

Follow these steps to enable the sync of your orders and shipments:

  1. Click your profile and then select Admin console.

  2. Click Rules.
  3. Click Order.

  4. Enable the Status auto sync between order and shipment toggle by clicking it (if the toggle is not already on ON (it turns blue)).
  5. Click the Stop wise order synchronization with shipment setting to enable it if it is not already enabled.

Syncing orders and shipments

After the setting is enabled, click into the the shipment that you want to sync with the order.

When you update the shipment status, the order status will update accordingly after you refresh the order.

In the shipment, click the Details tab and then click Route. For this example, we have a shipment that has arrived at the pickup. So, we clicked the At pickup checkbox.

Then, navigate back to the order, refresh the order, and the status should now be At Pickup.

Order timeline updates

When you navigate to the Timeline tab on the order, you will see all of the order and shipment status updates that happened during the syncing of the statuses. All of the synchronization events for the shipments will be displayed in the shipment timeline.

When a shipment status changes to Delivered, the order status automatically changes to Route complete. Turvo will add both of these updates in the order and shipment timelines automatically.

How order status updates sync with shipments

Order statuses sync with shipment statuses when the stop Type, Location name, Customer name, and Order ID information matches on the order and shipment.

Updating the status of orders and shipment using the FAB or in shared tenants

You can also update the status of orders and shipments using the Fast Action Button (FAB) or via a shared tenant. When update the order or shipment status using the FAB or in a shared tenant, the correct status will be reflected on the order.

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