Configuring the sharing of route and segment references

The sharing route and segment references configuration allows you to share Segment ID and Equipment Used details with customer tenants when a carrier is attached to the route segment that the specific customer is linked to.

When the route and segment references are shared to the customer tenant, they can only view the information. They can see the information but cannot make any changes.

Enable the route and segment references sharing setting

If you are an admin, super admin, or have a custom role with admin or above permissions, you can enable this configuration by navigating to:

  1. In the left navigation bar, click Accounts.
  2. Click Customers.
  3. Select the customer you want to share the route and segment references with.
  4. Click the Details tab.
  5. Click Settings. The Settings section expands. 
  6. Click Sharing.

Toggle the following settings ON  if you want to share the Segment IDs and the equipment used details to the customer (you can enable one and leave the other setting OFF).

  • Display segment id to customer
  • Display equipment used details to customer

Route sharing information in the broker and carrier tenant

When you navigate to the Shipment > Details tab > Carriers, you can see the Segment IDs and Equipment used information. When you update or add this information it will share the same information to the carrier tenant.

Here is what you will see in the broker tenant in the Carriers section:

This is the information the customer will see in their tenant for the same information:

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