Sharing profiles in Turvo

You store sharing configurations in different profiles and assign them to your company's carriers or customers from Turvo. This provides flexibility and configurability to share across the supply chain network while ensuring you are always in control of what information you are sharing.

Users can control how their data is shared to other tenants rather than having to configure a customer's or partner's tenant.

To share profiles, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Turvo tenant, click your profile icon, and then select Admin console.


  2. Click Roles, permissions, & sharing.


  3. Click Custom profile.


    The Default Template profile with tabs and settings displays:


  4. You can copy the Default Template by clicking the more options button (three dots) next to Default Template and then click Make a copy.

    Type the name of your Template copy in the Profile name field.

    Important note
    : Turvo will prevent you from saving your profile if your template copy name is the same as another profile template.  


    Or, you can click + Add Profile on the bottom of the window to create a new profile. The Create custom profile modal opens:



  5. Type your Profile name and click CREATE.
    Important note: Turvo will prevent you from saving your profile if your new profile name is the same as another profile template.  

Applying the sharing permission settings

After you create a profile or copy an existing profile, complete all the sharing permission settings (radio buttons) in each tab for the information you want to share with your customer and carrier tenants. 

Important note: You must complete all the sharing settings. If you do not complete all the settings, you will not be able to assign the profile settings to your customer or carrier tenants.

The sharing settings mirror the settings found in the found in the shipment tabs:


View, Edit, Hide, and Enabled permission settings

You can select View, Edit, or Hide for each sharing setting:

  • View: Allows the users in the customer or carrier tenant to only read and view the information. They cannot edit the information.
  • Edit: Allows the users in the customer or carrier tenant to view and edit the information.
  • Hide: The data will not be shared with the tenant and hides the Timeline, Order, Messenger, Notes, and Documentation tabs from customer and carrier shipments. 

You can also click the Apply to all checkbox to automatically select the first setting you selected to all the settings in the settings section.

For settings like Timeline, Orders, and Messenger you can set the Enabled toggle to ON (turns blue) to share the information in the associated tab or OFF (turns grey) to hide the information in the tab.


Save and assign your sharing profile settings

When you are selecting the options for each of the sharing permission settings, you can click the SAVE ONLY button to save your progress. This is useful if you need to navigate out of the sharing settings and complete another task in Turvo.

After you select all the sharing settings, click the SAVE AND ASSIGN button to assign the permissions you configured to the customer or carrier tenant.


The Assign Permission modal opens. 

You can use the Search field to search for your customer or carriers that you want to assign the permissions to and then click on their associated checkbox in the Assign column. 

The Assigned status column indicates if a permission profile has already been assigned to the customer or carrier.  

When you complete the process of assigning the carriers and customers by clicking their checkbox(s), click the ASSIGN NOW button.


The Custom Profile tab displays again and the assigned icon shows that the customer and carrier accounts are assigned the permissions.


Removing assigned accounts

To remove individual assigned accounts, click the x in the circle icon on the right side of the assigned account name. Or, to remove all of the assigned accounts all together, click the x to the right of the Assigned accounts heading.


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