Feature Spotlight

The Feature Spotlight showcases Turvo features that can help your business grow and get the most out of Turvo's TMS, network, and apps. Discover how to automate workflows with Autopilot, manage exceptions with Workbench, use delivery links, and set up routing guides:


Automate workflows with Autopilot
Admin or Super Admin users can set up Autopilot rules to automate workflows like exception creation.


Managing exceptions with Workbench 
Workbench is a dedicated Turvo feature designed specifically to help efficiently resolve exceptions.

Delivery Links

Using Delivery Links
Turvo Delivery Links enable you to share shipment information with a location assigned as a delivery stop on a scheduled shipment.

Routing Guide

Using Turvo's routing guide
Turvo’s routing guide is an automated shipment tendering and carrier assignment workflow. You can set rules and parameters to efficiently send shipment offers
(or tenders) to your established carrier connections in the sequence that works best for your company.

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