Introducing the redesigned and improved Turvo Help Center

We are excited to introduce our redesigned and improved Turvo Help Center!

The Help Center improvements include:

  • Improved Search and concise categories on the home page to help you quickly find the information you need 
  • Previews of the latest release notes, lists, announcements, and calendars on the home page
  • Improved article navigation: left margin table of contents and top-of-page navigation arrow
  • Information about Turvo features that can help your business grow in the Feature Spotlight

Here is the design of the new Help Center home page:


We listened to your feedback and incorporated it into our content updates ensuring that we effectively addressed the improvements you requested. 

Let's take a closer look at the new features of our updated Help Center:

  • Search
  • Article categorization and navigation
  • Featured articles
  • Popular videos
  • Article improvements

Powerful article search capabilities

The Turvo Help Center now features new article search functionality on the home page that delivers highly relevant results. Our search engine takes into account factors like titles, keywords, subject categories, article popularity, and user feedback to present you with accurate and helpful suggestions.

Type your search term into the Find your solution field and click the blue Search button to locate the article or articles you are looking for.


Popular searches

To assist you with finding the most-viewed article topics, we added the most popular searches under the Find your solution search field. If the topic you are looking for matches a popular search term, click on the popular search term to discover relevant articles.


Improved article navigation

We implemented a user-friendly interface that allows you to efficiently browse through different categories and articles. The redesigned menu structure provides clear article pathways that help you find relevant information and with fewer clicks.

Content Blocks

The content blocks on the home page are your gateway to helpful article categories that you can browse if you are looking for information on getting started with Turvo, feature how-to information, instructional videos, release notes, and more. 


Here is a description of each content block:

  • Getting Started: If you are new to Turvo, your company is implementing Turvo, or you need information about using Turvo for the first time this section contains those essential first steps to learn about Turvo.
  • Community: Turvo Community is where you can post Turvo questions, new feature ideas, or provide answers to questions asked by others. Community posts are associated to broad topics of discussion that are managed by Turvo. You can also subscribe to topics or posts so that you are notified when somebody creates a new post or adds a comment.
  • Feature Spotlight (new): Discover Turvo features that can help your business grow. We will rotate some of our most useful features in this section so you can learn more about them.
  • Help Center Articles:
    • How-to Articles and Videos: This is the updated version of our main article and video section. Access this section to browse articles and videos that are grouped and organized by Turvo feature. 
    • Release Notes and Announcements: Learn about new features and enhancements for Turvo releases and view past and current release webinars. This section includes the following articles in their release publication order: 
      • Release Goals
      • Patch Release Notes
      • Release Lists
      • Release Announcements  
    • Support Resources: View maintenance schedules, support ticket instructions, and general Turvo support information in this section.

Featured articles

Featured articles_section.png

The featured articles section previews the latest promoted Help Center articles. You can preview the latest release articles, calendars, and important Turvo updates from this section without having to search for the article

Note: The preview of the articles in this section do not link to the actual articles in the Help Center. They are designed to provide you a quick way to find the information you need without searching or browsing for the articles you are looking for.

Popular videos

The redesign includes new feature, use-case, and instructional videos that we will publish to our Popular Videos section for you to quickly access and view. 


Article improvements

We improved the navigation, structure, and design of our Help Center articles. The following sections summarize the details about these article improvements.

Article categories 

We expanded the Help Center article categories to list them by feature rather than by the old Help Center navigation, broad product categorization. When you click How-to Articles and Videos on the Help Center home page, you will see the new article categories for navigation:


  • Turvo New Customer Onboarding
  • Turvo Academy
  • Getting Started with Turvo
  • Offers
  • Orders
  • Assets
  • Documents for Orders and Shipments
  • Marketplace
  • Shipments: Transportation, Execution, and Planning
  • Collaboration and Productivity Tools
  • Turvo Network (TurvoNet)
  • Routing Guide
  • Accounts
  • Settlements and Accounting
  • Turvo Mobile App
  • Turvo Analytics
  • Turvo Reports
  • Dashboard
  • Turvo Driver App
  • Admin
  • Turvo Data Importer (TDI)
  • Integrations
  • API Documentation
  • Inventory and Items
  • Appointment Scheduling

Clicking on one of these topic categories will open the list of articles for each of the topics. 

Note: Using Search on the home page is the fastest way to find the article or content your are looking for. However, if you are interested or want to learn more about different unique features in Turvo, viewing the articles in each section can help you learn more about using Turvo in different ways or exploring features that you may not know about.

In-article navigation

We added a section table of contents on the left side of each article to show you which section you are in and to allow you to jump to another section in the article without scrolling.


We also added a Top-of-article navigation arrow button at the bottom of each article:



Clicking this button takes you to the beginning of the article without the need to scroll up manually.

Suggestions and Feedback Survey

Provide your Help Center and Community feedback using the Suggestions and Feedback Survey that is accessible from the home page header.


Your feedback will be sent to the Help Center documentation team so we can continue to improve the your Help Center and Community experience.


Thank you for utilizing our updated and improved Help Center!

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