API Release Notes for 2023-R3

Release Note Preview until July 27, 2023

This article details the new APIs and updates to Turvo's Public API for the 2023-R3 release. It also summarizes the 2023 R3 API features and fixed issues released to production on July 27, 2023

The following are the details section-wise:

Rate Limits

To ensure platform stability, Turvo put in place safeguards to limit the number of incoming API calls on our Public API. The Turvo API limiter caps the number of requests you can send within any given second, minute, hour, or day.

Here are the rate limits by time:

  • Legacy Public API endpoints (app.turvo.com/api/pub): 10,000 per day
  • Public API gateway (publicapi.turvo.com): 10,000 per day and 40 per second

New Fields in Routing Guide API

We made the following updates to the Routing Guide API:

  • Added a Name field you can use to specify the name of the routing guide. 
  • Added a Mode object that has two values - TL and Intermodal.
  • Added a Service type object with the following values:
    • Any
    • Expedite
    • Standard
  • Added routingSequenceId to the routing guide update endpoint. 
  • Renamed hazmat to is_hazmat.
  • Added Low Cost Precedence to sort the pricing from low to high.
  • Added a Size field in the routing guide to specify the equipment length size. 
  • Removed Delete operation when updating the routing guide. 

New Fields in Shipment API

We added the following new objects to the Shipment API in the Create, Update, and Retrieve endpoints. We added the following objects to Equipments:

  • weightUnits
  • tempUnits

Groups Renamed to Visibility Groups

In the UI and in the Public API, we renamed Groups to Visibility Groups. Two types of groups can now exist in Turvo tenants: Visibility groups and Operational groups. This renaming of Groups to Visibility Groups will assist you with identification in the Public API.  


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