2023-R2 Patch One Release Notes

This article summarizes the 2023-R2 Patch One new features and fixed issues released to production on May 18, 2023.

See the 2023 Turvo Release Schedule article for a list of milestone dates and links to published Release Notes, Lists, and Announcements for past releases.

2023-R2 Patch One features and enhancements


  • CR-15013 - Sharing billable costs from broker/LSP tenants to customer tenants:
    For this release, you can now share billable costs from broker/LSP tenants to customer tenants so customers can see what their financial responsibilities are for specific orders.

For more information on order sharing, see Order sharing in Turvo.

  • CR-15127 - New order validation exceptions:
    We further enhanced Autopilot this release to enable the creation of the following exceptions when an order is updated and specific data is missing:
    • Origin location is missing
    • Origin location is invalid
    • Destination location is missing
    • Destination location is invalid
    • Carrier is missing
    • Pickup date is missing
    • Delivery date is missing
    • Pickup and delivery dates are missing
    • Charges are missing
    • An item’s net weight is missing
    • An item’s gross weight is missing
    • An item’s net weight unit of measurement (UOM) is missing
    • An item’s gross weight is missing
    • An Item’s quantity is set to zero

For more information, see Autopilot: Automatic exception rules on orders and shipments.

Rating and Freight Matching (RFM)

  • CR-14494 - Location specific costs on shipments and orders:
    You now have the ability to associate accessorial charges to a specific stop in addition to the global location. As part of this improvement, Turvo:

    • Generates a unique ID for each stop in the global route
    • Shows Location and Stop ID in the drop-down when adding costs to shipments and orders

  • CR-15069 - Zip locations on rates and routing guide:
    We improved location information to be consistent across all entities. Zip codes are no longer mandatory for the Rates entity and for shipments where zip codes are longer than 5 digits, Turvo will use the first 5 digits to match with a zip code based lane rate. For example, when 22162-1010 is entered as a zip, Turvo will use "22162" to match with the lane rates.

    See our Add a lane rate to contracts or global rates article for more information on lane rates.

2023-R2 Patch One fixed issues

The following table lists the issues resolved on the 2023-R2 Patch One release day (May 18, 2023). 

Zendesk ticket numbers

Issue description

25064 Fixed an issue that with carriers not being auto-assigned to shipments
25013 Fixed an issue where an additional refresh is required for FSC rates to be applied to shipments
25137 Resolved an issue with some shipments not showing in the list view when the origin is added to the filter

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