2023-R3 Release Goals

Updated July 21, 2023

Turvo's 2023-R3 release is underway. To ensure you are informed about the scope of this release, we outlined our key features in this article.

Turvo Network (TNet)

  • Share payable contracts with carriers: We are creating contracts and related entities for carrier tenants this release. We are also introducing the ability to share contracts with carrier tenants.

    This allows brokers to be able to view the contracted details for collaborating and automating the accessorial flows and share information on associated lane rates, service plans, fuel surcharges, and other details.

  • Share receivable contracts to shipper tenant: We are also creating contracts and related entities in the shipper tenant and providing brokers the ability to share contracts with shipper tenants.

    This allows brokers to share contracts with customer or carrier tenants, view the contracted details to collaborate and automate accessorial flows, and to share information on associated lane rates. 

  • Sharing equipment used and route segment references: To increase shipment carrier block data visibility, collaboration, and asset management, we are enabling brokers to share segment IDs and equipment used details with customer tenants. These shared details apply to specific customers that are linked to carriers attached to the route segment.


  • Orders list view customization and filter upgrades: To help users who are not able to view orders based on fields important to their business, we are aligning the names and functions between the Order and Shipment list view screens.

    We are also introducing the ability for custom external IDs and additional attributes to be selected at the user and tenant levels and adding new standard filters and columns to the order list view screen. There will be support for multiple values in certain fields. 

  • Calculating missing Ship Dates and Delivery Dates using Transit Time and Working Calendar
    July 5, 2023 Update - This feature will not be releasing in R3 and will be available in a future release.
    We are leveraging the concepts of a working calendar to specify hours of operation and days off to collaborate with a transit time table that operates within mileage band values. 

    This provides scalability to define transit times and working calendars at a tenant, division group, and location level.
  • Enhanced appointment visibility for carriers and customers: Location managers will be able to navigate to a scheduling enabled facility within Turvo and configure the scheduled email setting that sends appointment and reservation details to the listed contact in customer or carrier accounts. This will improve appointment and reservation visibility for a facility.


  • Quickbooks Online (QBO): Shipment ID in Invoice Memo field: For Customer Invoices that are sent to QBO, we are going to store the Shipment Custom ID in the Memo field. The text in the memo field is visible on end-user transactions.

    The shipment ID in the memo field will assist accounting departments that need to reconcile the list of QBO customer invoices with the list of shipments in Turvo.


  • Rate Insider Card: Spot Rates: We are enhancing the Rate Insider feature this release by providing daily spot-market freight transaction rates that are anonymized and aggregated. These rates are used for benchmarking, analyzing, monitoring, and forecasting rates for brokers, carriers, and shippers.

    The TRAC Spot Rate methodology uses high-frequency data to provide insights into freight pricing and drive profitability. 

Transportation, Excellence, and Planning (TEP)

  • Order-to-Shipment workflow for complex associations, including non-matching locations or dates: In the R2 release, we improved the Order-to-Shipment planning process to add a new order’s information and route details to consolidated orders and/or any associated shipments. With this update, we have added the ability to re-plan when stops on a new order that is being associated with a shipment, have different locations and/or schedules.

    If the schedules are different, the system merges the stops into one with an option to either select a date or to unmerge the stops and select dates. If the stops are different, the system finds and suggests the optimal route and gives you the option to update the suggested route.


  • New rate-type LTL contracts in Turvo: We are creating an LTL contract in Turvo that rates by rate types. Some examples of the rate types are: 
    • Flat Rates
    • Per Mile
    • Per Piece
    • Per Pallet
    • Per Hundredweight (CWT)


July 21, 2023 Update - This feature will not be releasing in R3 and will be available in a future release.

  • MyCarrier Packets field-level updates: You will be able to choose to receive, or not receive, MyCarrier Packets field-level updates. This will provide you additional flexibility for configuring fields or restricting fields from getting updated with data from MyCarrier Packets.

You can view our past release goals and release announcements in the Resources section of the Help Center.

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