Turvo’s Trucker Tools integration: Carrier Capacity and Digital Freight Matching

Turvo’s Trucker Tools - Book It Now and capacity integration provides a resource for shippers and brokers to find carriers that can cover their loads quickly and efficiently.

The integration also allows Turvo to post loads to a Trucker Tools private loadboard and then share real-time capacity and booking information in Turvo.

If you are looking for information on the Trucker Tools telematics integration, see the Turvo's Trucker Tools telematics integration article.

Important note: You must submit a support ticket to complete this integration. See the following section, Submit a support ticket to publish your carriers to Trucker Tools for more information.
Also, we recommend testing this integration in your Sandbox tenant before enabling this integration in production. Contact your Turvo representative for more information.

Integration prerequisites

Before you enable the Trucker Tools integration in Turvo, you must have a Trucker Tools subscription account. Contact Trucker Tools if you have not created your account.

You will need to have your Account ID, Integration ID, Client ID, and Client Secret to connect the integration in Turvo.

Enable the Trucker Tools integration

  1. Log into your Turvo tenant and navigate to the Admin console via the Profile icon at the top right corner of the screen.

  2. In Admin console, click Settings > Shipment > Loadboard.
  3. Click the Trucker Tools toggle so it is on (blue).
  4. Enter your Trucker Tools Account ID, Integration ID, Client ID, and Client Secret into the fields.


  5. Click the SAVE button to enable the integration.

Submit a support ticket to publish your carriers to Trucker Tools

To publish all the carriers in Turvo to Trucker Tools and complete the enablement of your integration, you must submit a support ticket. For information on support tickets, see Submitting a Support ticket for more details. 

Post a load to Trucker Tools

To post a load to private Trucker Tools loadboards, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the load that you want to post. You can search for the load using the global search bar, or navigate to Shipments from the left navigation bar and locate the shipment. 
  2. Click on the shipment, and then click the Details tab.
  3. Click the Postings section. 
  4. The Postings section will pre-populate information from the load, including the Pickup city, state, Pickup date, Delivery city, state, Delivery date, Equipment, Size, Weight (lb), and Type. You can edit any of the pre-populated fields if needed.
  5. After completing the fields and verifying all the load details are correct, click the Trucker Tools checkbox under Post to, and then click the POST button.
    Note: The driver details are optional but are important to include for contact information.


  6. The posting information now shows in the Postings section. The status is now Active, and you can Remove the Trucker Tools posting or Update details about the shipment. You can also see the Trucker Tools posting information for bulk postings.

    See Create a shipment posting and send it to carriers for more information about bulk postings.


Book It Now

Turvo supports receiving booking information from Trucker Tools through the Book It Now feature. This allows carriers to send a booking request from Trucker Tools that is ingested to Turvo based on capacity.


When you enable the Trucker Tools integration, your carriers can use the Book It Now feature in Trucker Tools to locate and book shipments (loads). To do this, navigate to the FIND & BOOK LOADS screen in Trucker Tools. 

You will see the Turvo Reference # for the broker (this matches the number in Turvo), the contact Email address, Phone number, and Name.

When you post a load to Trucker Tools from Turvo, carriers in your network can click the BOOK IT NOW button. The status changes to PENDING BROKER after the carrier books the load and the BOOKING SENT TO BROKER button displays.


Trucker Tools feeds the booking information back to Turvo. If the carrier does not exist in the broker’s network, the broker needs to onboard the new carrier and can then assign the load to them, and the load status automatically changes to Covered.

Only carriers in the broker’s network are eligible for booking shipments.

If the carrier is in the broker’s network, the carrier is assigned the load, and the status automatically changes to Covered. You can view the status of the load in Turvo by clicking on the load, Plan, and Details.


The posting is removed from the loadboard automatically once the load is covered.

To view and filter loadboard capacity by carriers, navigate to shipments by clicking on the shipment, and then the Carrier tab.


You can view and filter external load board carrier capacity in the Carrier section without logging into Trucker Tools. Your network of external carriers appears in the carrier list's External section and indicates Trucker Tools in the Source column.

You can also click the carrier to display the details for any external carriers.

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