Tagging “Do Not Use” or “Suspended” carriers

You can apply #donotuse and “Suspended” flags that display on carriers in Card view or List view. These flags are designed for active carriers in Turvo and the status flags are not overridden by RMIS or MyCarrier Packets integrations.

Follow these steps to create and apply the #donotuse flags on carriers.

  1. On the main navigation, click Accounts, and then click Carriers.


  2. To view the carrier accounts in card view, select the card icon from the top right corner:


  3. In the carrier card, click the Fast Action Button (FAB).
  4. Click Tag. The Tag modal opens.
  5. If this is the first time you are tagging a carrier with the #donotuse tag, create the tag by typing “donotuse in the tag name field, click New Tag, and then click the SAVE button.

    If you have already created the #donotuse tag in your tenant, type "donotuse" in the tag name field, select the #donotuse tag from the dropdown list, and click the SAVE button:


  6. The DO NOT USE label displays on the carrier card:


When you attempt to assign this carrier to a shipment, the carrier will be grayed out and you will not be able to assign the DO NOT USE (Suspended) carrier.


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